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Lace Ribbon Trim Purse Refashion

DIY lace ribbon trim purse upcycled from a badly scuffed black patent synthetic purse. The process is straightforward – only ModPodge is necessary!

DIY Black and White Layered Spiral-Cut Flounce Neckpiece

This flounce neckpiece was made with layers of spiral-cut lightweight fabrics, including organza, tulle, organdy, and chiffon. Based on a project from Japanese pattern book “2 Way Wedding Dress” published by Bunka Shuppan Kyoku in 2013.

DIY Fabric Collage Tetrahedron Bag

This tetrahedron bag (or pyramid bag for some) complete with a strap was made with fabric remnants from DIY Fabric Collage Shoes. It looks cute yet big and sturdy enough to fit a large smartphone inside.

DIY Fabric Collage Shoes

This pair of fabric collage shoes look fresh, stylish, and so comfortable to wear. The fabric collage covers were made with 6 pieces of perforated, printed synthetic fabric samples. They left bloody trails of destruction during its construction, but it’s all worth it for shoes this good-looking!

DIY Mesh Covered White Flats

Turning my old wedding shoes into a DIY mesh covered white flats. Thanks to Mod Podge, the pair of shoes is looking so much better with added mesh texture!


Hi, I’m Mira Musank!

I'm a DIY fashion lover, sustainable style maker, and textile design learner based in San Francisco Bay Area. Creative adventurer since 2007. Find me on Instagram!

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