Category: DIY Fashion – Garments

DIY Lace Ribbon Bib Shirt

Time to catch up with another long overdue DIY project! I had lots of fun upcycling this white shirt with lace ribbons on the bib area. The result is a more refined, yet still minimalist shirt. I LOVE IT! Photos by Mira Musank and Christian Hadidjaja.

DIY Square on a Tee

A refashioning project that’s long overdue. It’s good to see DIY Square on a Tee alive and rocking! It’s a simple use of a pretty fabric sample I got from Fabmo.

Make It Pretty: DIY Lace Appliques on a Blouse

Beautifying a hardly worn silk blouse by hand stitching lace appliques (cut out of lace remnants) on it, inspired by a pink dress shirt Carrie Brownstein wore on recent “Late Night” TV appearance.

DIY Dress Extension: a Fix for a Too-Short LBD

Fixing a cute little black dress that’s borderline too short with a DIY dress extension made out of black georgette fabric and attached with hook and eye loop cotton tape.


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