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DIY Three-Way Apron Dress

This three-way apron dress is made with a diagonal striped knit fabric and striped lining that also doubles as accent. It’s versatile and easy to wear in all seasons.

DIY Layered Flounce Sleeves on Sweatshirt

An old sweatshirt got a style upgrade with layers of knit and chiffon remnants cut into new flounce sleeves. The new sleeves infuse the garment with an understated, casual elegance!

DIY Shirt Dress with Bow Waist Tie

This shirt dress with bow waist tie is assembled from three men’s shirt pieces. Most of the pieces were leftovers from past sewing projects. Lightweight and versatile, the bow can be tied on the front or back.

DIY Pink Ruffled Sleepwear Set

Pieces of pink knit fabric remnants are transformed to a sleepwear set. Smaller scraps are turned into ruffle details on the shirt and shorts. In the end, 99% of the initial remnant are used for this project!

DIY Striped Wrap Dress Refashion

The striped wrap dress is refashioned from a vintage dress with big button closures. Without its original collar, lapel, and buttons, the refashioned dress has a more modern and chic spring/summer vibe.

DIY Lace Ribbon Bib Shirt

Time to catch up with another long overdue DIY project! I had lots of fun upcycling this white shirt with lace ribbons on the bib area. The result is a more refined, yet still minimalist shirt. I LOVE IT!


Hi, I’m Mira Musank!

I'm a DIY fashion lover, sustainable style maker, and textile design learner based in San Francisco Bay Area. Creative adventurer since 2007. Find me on Instagram!

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