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Three New Additions to My Wardrobe, Koko Yamase Style

Once again, thank you Koko Yamase for pushing me into reconstructing these men’s sweaters and dress shirts even though I’m lazy :)

It’s my first time doing sewing projects like this, so of course the results are not perfect. Nevertheless, I’m so happy when each of them came out as I expected. The feeling of glee when I held them up for final inspection is really something to remember. All of the men’s sweaters (brown and black) and men’s dress shirt are from thrift stores,

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Kakkoii Couture Remake by Koko Yamase

A month ago I went to SF Japan Town’s Kinokuniya book store and found “Kakkoii Couture Remake” by Koko Yamase. If you’re into DIY clothing, I highly recommend you to buy it at Kinokuniya nearest you. Yamase-dono brings Matriochka (yes, the site is beautiful) to the fashion world, and this book is so inpirational even for non-Japanese speaking people with limited sewing skills.

But wait! Now you don’t have to stress over your lack of Japanese language knowledge :)

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