It used to be the case that RTW menswear is so predictable: polo shirt, khakis, bermuda shorts, crew/v-neck sweater, dress shirts, pants, ties. Yes, suits too, of course….one set of clothing every man should have: a well-tailored black suit with matching white dress shirt and tie.

But lately, watching men’s boutiques in San Francisco and gorgeous menswear collection like Trove really pique my interests. Less yawn, more “Wow!” and even things like “If you buy that, can I wear them too?”

I think well-dressed guys are way more attractive than guys who just don’t care about how they look. Not that San Francisco men have problems with that; the last several fashion shows I was invited to, the guys dressed better than the ladies (what’s up with that, ladies? :)

Sites like Every Guyed Network will provide you with plenty of stylish readings to either upgrade your style or get ideas of how to put that extra “wow!” in your outfit without being cheesy or tacky.

So, are you well-dressed today?

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