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12 Feet x 82 Feet High Rise Living

Oh, Barcelona. The one place in Spain where I had a window of opportunity to visit during my student exchange program in Paris. But a group project scheduled to meet on that weekend ruined my plan to visit that beautiful city. Oh, Barcelona!! Sorry, lost myself a little bit over there. I meant to share […]

I Wish This is My House

Ever since I first fell in love with dancing, I always dream of having a dance studio in my future home. The presence of a decent-size dance studio that’s filled with sunlight is such a fountain of inspirations that will enable me to subconsciously work out everyday (what can I say, I hate gyms). So […]

Kite Architecture – tsui no sumika

Can I have a house designed by Kite Architecture please? Because this tsui no sumika looks so amazing. Hontou ni subarashii desu!! Twisted roof and ceiling, irregularities, serene but quirky setting…. it really makes you rethink the concept of home architecture and design. What really sells it for me is the unique point of the […]