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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Have Mercy!

Never before had I been so smitten with what Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has to offer! And to buy 4 pairs of shoes in one week? Lord, have mercy. At least my size 9 feet are certainly happy now to receive so much attention :) The...

Makeup Basics Worth Trying For

Last weekend, a friend of mine asked me if I have makeup tips. It doesn’t take me long at all to immediately recommend Kevyn Aucoin’s Making Faces. That book is an amazing resource; if you only want to buy one book...

What’s Hot This Weekend

Guys, you know the feeling when time seems to stand still and your memories flash before your eyes? Well, I sure don’t. Because for the past handful of weeks, time was blazing fast and sometimes I don’t even have any...

Get Ready for Summer(thing) and Tofu Overdose

Goodness, it’s June already. What’s that? It’s the 10th already? Wow. If you thought 2010 was fast, then 2011 is blazing! Hope your year has been going great so far. So , first thing first: if you haven’t...


Hi, I’m Mira Musank!

I'm a DIY fashion lover, sustainable style maker, and textile design learner based in San Francisco Bay Area. Creative adventurer since 2007. Find me on Instagram!

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