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Upcycling Linen Curtains into Handkerchief Dress

A linen upcycle inspired by an “Instant Dress” how-to from Family Circle 1977 magazine cutout. Two panels of rescued linen curtains were naturally dyed and transformed into a dress with T-shaped bodice and handkerchief skirt. 

The Refashioners 2018: Bubblegum Dreaming Cage Dress

Inspired by Rei Kawakubo’s take on cage dress trend during Comme des Garçons AW 2008-9 collection, I wanted to create a similar look, albeit with a few twists: delicate lingerie look and color combos inspired by a Alexander McQueen SS 2018 dress. The result is an enchanting cage dress that’s somewhat fragile yet bold, and I styled it with 80s influence of pearls and fingerless gloves.

DIY Three-Way Apron Dress

This three-way apron dress is made with a diagonal striped knit fabric and striped lining that also doubles as accent. It’s versatile and easy to wear in all seasons.

DIY Layered Flounce Sleeves on Sweatshirt

An old sweatshirt got a style upgrade with layers of knit and chiffon remnants cut into new flounce sleeves. The new sleeves infuse the garment with an understated, casual elegance!

DIY Shirt Dress with Bow Waist Tie

This shirt dress with bow waist tie is assembled from three men’s shirt pieces. Most of the pieces were leftovers from past sewing projects. Lightweight and versatile, the bow can be tied on the front or back.

DIY Pink Ruffled Sleepwear Set

Pieces of pink knit fabric remnants are transformed to a sleepwear set. Smaller scraps are turned into ruffle details on the shirt and shorts. In the end, 99% of the initial remnant are used for this project!

DIY Striped Wrap Dress Refashion

The striped wrap dress is refashioned from a vintage dress with big button closures. Without its original collar, lapel, and buttons, the refashioned dress has a more modern and chic spring/summer vibe.

DIY Lace Ribbon Bib Shirt

Time to catch up with another long overdue DIY project! I had lots of fun upcycling this white shirt with lace ribbons on the bib area. The result is a more refined, yet still minimalist shirt. I LOVE IT!

DIY Square on a Tee

A refashioning project that’s long overdue, using an old tee and a square-shaped fabric sample. I’m glad I finally got a chance to do this DIY Square on a Tee for spring / summer. It’s a subtle yet very effective use to showcase a pretty fabric / texture on a simple t-shirt!

Make It Pretty: DIY Lace Appliques on a Blouse

Beautifying a hardly worn silk blouse by hand stitching lace appliques (cut out of lace remnants) on it, inspired by a pink dress shirt Carrie Brownstein wore on recent “Late Night” TV appearance.

DIY Dress Extension: a Fix for a Too-Short LBD

Fixing a cute little black dress that’s borderline too short with a DIY dress extension made out of black georgette fabric and attached with hook and eye loop cotton tape.

High-Low Circle Skirt Dress Sewing Project

My first DIY dress ever! It was a rather impulsive decision, and the execution was muddled with detours. It took me 20 hours from sketching to finished garment, but the end result (and learning experience) was SUPER worth it!

DIY Black Lace Dress with Fringe

A friend gifted me a black long-sleeve lace dress that was cute but ill-fitting. Refashioning this dress with a black chiffon halter top, the DIY fringed lace dress is now ready to party!


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