Category: DIY Tips

DIY Sleep Eye Mask Bags from Fabric Remnants

Sleep eye masks don’t usually come with bags, so why not make some with fabric remnants? It’s an easy sewing project that not only keeps your eye masks clean, but also allows you to experiment with various fabric types!

Sewing Projects: Exercise of Discipline, Motivation, and Skills

A story of how I started using a sewing machine to do chores and ended up doing many sewing projects. It teaches me of not only fabric selections and sewing skills, but also mental exercises of discipline and motivation. Who knew that owning a sewing machine can be so rewarding?

Sewing Workshops in the City

I’ve been learning to sew on-and-off for close to 2 years now, and it never fails to give me a sense of pride and achievement every time I create something new. They may be far from perfect, but to get there with just guts...

DIY Accessories Ideas: Hardware

Hardware accessories are one of the coolest things in the world (at least for me). Chunky and bold, sometimes they’re mixed with ribbons  so it’s a bit more girly. Now I was pleasantly surprised to see this MSNBC...


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