Yup, it’s been more than a year since my last post. I’m back to resume blogging and keep it up with a more sustainable process. Photo by Christian Hadidjaja.

As I get older, I realize how much time I DON’T have. Having time to do anything outside of your job or daily routines is a luxury. Being an adult means having more responsibilities both at home and at work, and our mental load grows heavier with age. And if that’s not enough, continuous stream of depressing news from mainstream US media can drown you.

That’s why I left abruptly last year. My day job had gotten more demanding, situations at home weren’t ideal, and US election campaign news just kept getting uglier day by day. It had become obsolete for me to keep writing about fashion… a rather mindless vanity.

I thought stepping away for several weeks and went on vacation would help me bring my writing mojo back. Alas, it wasn’t the case. The US election coverage was painful and the result hit me like a hurtful punch to the gut, and things keep getting uglier each day as if we never got out of the campaign season. Meanwhile, what happened to Indonesia’s beloved Jakarta governor Ahok was truly, sincerely heart breaking. I can’t even talk much about it. I felt like the world is falling apart. Slowly lose faith in humanity, I kept saying, “What’s the point for me to keep blogging?”

That’s why I’m really thankful for the continuous, persistent encouragements from friends and Fafafoom readers. You all remind me why I love blogging in the first place: sharing my thoughts and feelings. I remember the people who enjoy reading my writings, from reviews to DIY projects. And if my writing can brighten up their day just a little bit, then what’s keeping me from writing?

Of course, to keep myself writing, I have to approach blogging in a more sustainable manner. I no longer have the luxury to spend up to two weeks for a single blog post, nor can I justify doing so. I need to write shorter and narrow down my topics mostly to creative DIY projects and sustainable styles on fafafoom.com.

Moreover, Instagram (my handle is @miramusank) is where my fashion show reviews live nowadays (doing so has been saving me so much time!) Likewise with my fashion exploits, street styles, and design-related inspirations and studies.

So now, to celebrate this little victory for going back to blogging, I’m excited to attend J-Pop Summit 2017 tomorrow and Sunday. It’s only right to restart where I left off last time. So if any of you see me there at Fort Mason, please say hi!

Thanks for reading; until next time,