In just a few more hours, I’m going to leave the United States for three weeks. It has been 4 years since I left the United States, and I am anticipating some kind of a cultural or loss-of-familiarity shock when I go to Indonesia and Japan. I also know that it will all become a blur and three weeks will pass so fast and before I can process it all, I will be back here typing again on my laptop.

However, I will certainly do my best to enjoy my vacation.

Before that, I want to do a quick post of what I think is a very encouraging sign of the fashion world, and therefore I titled my post The Future is Fashion Forward. Fashion industry is known to be very tough, ambitious, but also at times close-minded and even cynical that it has trouble adjusting to progress (but then again, aren’t we all). Season after season, there is always a published opinion lamenting the…weaknesses, be it the unattainable standards of thinner-than-thin models, the crazy schedules of fashion weeks, what’s-behind-the-business matters, and so on.

However, lately fashion feels more open. Forward looking. And that’s really refreshing to see. First case in point: Cameron Russell giving a concise but inspiring TED Talk session. I recommend you to see it if you haven’t:

I love her honesty and openness, and the fact that she encourages the future generation to aim higher: to be a boss (in the fashion industry). She brings fashion glamour down to earth.

And then there’s fashion hackatons. Two of them happened just recently for the very first time: Decoded Fashion and Hearst Fashion Hack that’s covered by Mashable. The fashion and tech movements are gaining more and more momentum (and not just in here in SF Bay Area), and it’s just a delight. I’m very giddy anticipating what fashion inventions are going to fill up our radars in the next few years. It will be a sight to witness the merge of fashion, eCommerce, technology….the glamour, science, and business, beautiful together.

Even us bloggers will be challenged too; will we be known generally as “peacocks” in a circus, will we remain true to our unbiased opinion, or are we going to evolve into something else entirely as an individual or as a community?

Anyway, I’ll be back in April. I will be missing a great deal of fashion TV shows debuting this March. I didn’t even have time to update my Pinterest account with the fashion week pictures. But that’s OK. I’ll hunt for my own fashion adventures in the next three weeks…and perhaps you’ll hear a lot of stories from me.

Until next time, you guys take care, yeah?