I love traveling (not the business kind). And after a 4-year drought of overseas traveling, I am really happy that several adventures have been in order this year. I am still tremendously grateful and absolutely love our trip to Japan last March, and I will be traveling to the other side of the world again for a couple of weeks soon. This time I’m going back to my home country Indonesia, and while there will be more meetings than free exploration time, I sure hope to explore my hometown a little bit more (fingers crossed).

After so many instances of travel packing, I have become quite efficient in packing. No more over-packing (I remembered bringing 2 suitcases full of clothes for a three-week trip and eventually ended up not wearing any clothes from one suitcase) or under-packing (how about packing all of your party outfits but no sleeping attires and only a couple of undergarments and undies? Plus no flip-flops).

Currently, my rule of thumb for travel packing is to limit your going-out outfit pieces (tops, bottoms, dresses, and outerwear) to 18 pieces or less for 2-3 weeks worth of travel. Shoes, bags and accessories, as well as sleeping attires and undies are excluded; the number for these pieces vary from person to person, so I’ll just touch on some of them really quick. Here are the gist of things I pack for the upcoming travel:

Travel Set


(Note: When I made this set on Polyvore, I did not obsess on finding the EXACT items I own. If they’re similar enough in terms silhouette and colors, I use them since they’re close enough.)

I will rely on my cropped trench coat for my more in-flight outerwear, as well as for my more casual and just a bit chilly outings. The cranberry blazer will undoubtedly give an oomph to my neutral, basic tops and bottoms combinations, especially for the meetings I’m going to have. The cardigan (the one I owned is actually the three-pocketed cardigan from Uniqlo x Iliann Loeb) is a great layering piece and the go-to finishing touch element for chilling out.


I’m bringing this DIY Knit T-Shirt with Dress Shirt Sleeves this time.

As you can see from the set above, my tops are very basic. A couple of camisoles / tank tops for layering, a striped long-sleeve shirt. Mine is actually from Uniqlo; bought it several years ago (not Tory Burch like the set above). Yeah, I really have lots of Uniqlo items in my wardrobe, and I’m bringing lots of them with me. A couple of T-shirts (or in my case, I’m bringing my Knit T-Shirt with Dress Shirt Sleeves (pictured right) in addition to my polkadot Uniqlo T-shirt), and a lightweight, tissue-weight long-sleeve T-shirt (from J Crew). Plus, 2 – 3 lightweight, rather see-through dress shirts or blouses.

My ultimate go-to top will be the ivory Uniqlo silk blouse (featured right in the center of the Tops cluster on the Polyvore set above). Super easy to dress up and down, and it would work with all of the outerwear and bottoms choices, not to mention the shoes. I’m only a bit concerned about how to care for the silk blouse because I don’t want it to fell apart after this trip is over, but I think I’ll be fine thanks to this silk care guide.

Update 10/20: This Uniqlo ivory top was indeed my go-to top for even the slightly more formal affairs in the hot Jakarta (range of temperature: 76 – 96 Fahrenheit). It kept me stylish, cool when being outside and not freezing when I was inside any buildings with air conditioners.

I also sneak in one dress in there, just in case there’s some family gathering or some event in which I need to be more feminine and girly :) My dress is actually a black-and-white bubble dress from ISDA and co. I hope I get a chance to wear it and take a picture in it because I LOVE that dress.

I’m not a skirt person by heart, so this is a no-brainer: a pair of dark boot-cut jeans for maximum versatility, a black skinny jeans for more refined look, and a salmon-colored cropped pants for casual settings and shopping.

Handbags and Shoes:
I bring a black, roomy messenger bag for my in-flight necessity, but I also carry two clutches for this trip. One is a super casual brown clutch that I made out of Target iPad case, and the other is an orange envelope clutch that I have been relying on for my go-to accessory whenever I go to local fashion shows lately. These two would be super handy :)
As for shoes, black and metallic flats will be versatile and easy-on-the-feet for long walks, whereas the pink heeled shoes will be used to add more feminine touches to basic outfit combinations.

Not counting handbags and shoes, I’m packing 16 items for going-out purposes. After some more pondering, I’m most likely going to substitute one shirt for another tank top / camisole, and will add a wind breaker just in case it’s windy or rainy. Either way, I’m still going by my rule-of-thumb of 18 pieces or less (yay!). The temperature range is going to be about 76 – 91 degree Fahrenheit (roughly 24 – 34 degree Celcius), with mix of cloudy / rainy / sunny weather.

While I’m traveling, you’ll perhaps see more activities on Instagram than anywhere else (if any). Active on Instagram or not, I’m looking forward to bring home exciting travel adventure stories and share them with you guys!

I will do one more fafafoom post after this. Then, au revoir for now!