Seeing Japan fashion on the streets have been one of my favorite highlights of our Japan trip last March. Unlike their generally reserved speaking voice volume, the creativity and uniqueness that people put into crafting their outfits are very loud. When you scroll down to the bottom of this post, you will see 75+ examples of fashion street photography Chris shot during our stay in Japan. I hope you get a glimpse of the fantastic Japan fashion on the streets of Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and several others in between. Somehow with all the different styles out there (especially in Tokyo), Japanese men and women always make it work. It’s just a sight to see the overwhelming possibilities one can put in an outfit.

With my friend Misa at Shinjuku, Tokyo

With my friend Misa at Shinjuku, Tokyo

It was amazing to see my friend Misa-san whom I haven’t seen for the past 5 years. Our meeting was very casually planned, however our spending time together was the perfect beginning to our Japan vacation. With her, Chris and I explored a bit of Shinjuku and the alleys of Harajuku, where we found our favorite second-hand shopping spot (that’s a story for another day) and endless streams of great Tokyo fashion.

The first take-away from Japan fashion we’ve seen on the streets is that nobody does men’s fashion like Tokyo men. Their sense of fashion is simply extraordinary. Boundless, innovative, liberating, fresh and eternally fabulous…it’s too amazing. Not to mention the always done hair, the earrings, rings, the scarves, the HANDBAGS (they are just as interesting, if not more practical than the ones for women)….gosh, I can see the never-ending “male models” walking down the runway of Harajuku alleys.

Of course, the women’s fashion is amazing too, however it is more expected. The pretty Shibuya girls, punk Harajuku girls, and everything else in between…There is a reason why Japan fashion street styles are so well-documented. The maxi skirt with long-sleeved top with vest? Check. Drop-crotch pants with simple top and baggy sweater? Check. How about frilly skirt with peter-pan collared shirt and blazer? Of course. And don’t forget the shoes and accessories :)

The other takeaway is that the sunglasses trend do not take off in Tokyo (or anywhere else we went to). We rarely see people wearing sunglasses even when the sun ray is directly shining in their faces. Not sure why. Hmm.

Shiromaru-hime and co. at Himeji Castle, Himeji

Shiromaru-hime and co. at Himeji Castle, Himeji

I want to include the only picture from Himeji that made it to this post here, because it just shows you how serious and detail-oriented Japanese people are in making costumes.

Cosplay or not, these outfits are so well-made, vibrant, and they certainly make the wearers look super cool. Of course, except for Shiromaru-hime at the center, who look so kawaii in her royal roundness. I have to admit, when the staff gestured to this ribbon-cutting ceremony area and said there’s a “princess” (hime is japanese for princess) there, I was not expecting the mascot Shiromaru-hime to show up =D

Coordinated outfits (from the back) at Kyoto

Coordinated outfits (from the back) at Kyoto

When you see browse through the pictures below, you will see many looks shot from the back. Sometimes they look more interesting that way; somehow you can see their color coordination, fabric choices, or even the mood they’re aiming for more clearly. And yes, we’re shy; we did not want to interrupt people to stop and pose for two weird gaijin. Some of them noticed when we took their picture (either they pretended not to notice, suddenly busied themselves with their phones, or simply bowed their head a little and gazed downward), however for the most part, these pictures are candid and no posing was planned.

From fabulous Tokyo street styles to Osaka Dotonbori night life, from a pretty girl carrying a (sheathed) sword at Kyoto to fashionable people being harassed by Nara deers, from vibrant fashion a couple donned during a cable car ride in Haneda to fab outfit a poodle wore at Odaiba Tokyo, I hope you enjoy seeing these Japan fashion snaps.

If you’d like to see the whole album, feel free to click the photo below to access it:

Japan Street Fashion - March 2013
Japan Street Fashion - March 2013May 29, 2013Photos: 79

Thank you for reading! Until next time,

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