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From garments to pillowcases and garden planters, we give pre-owned materials new life and keep them away from landfills.

Featured Project

Gathered Cloths

An active study of collecting and repurposing textile waste into functional and modular apparel design. Growing amounts of scrap cloth are gathered and assembled into a new form with each iteration.

Initiated during Climate Creative Spring 2021 cohort participation, the Gathered Cloths project invites better awareness of textile waste, encourages textile repurposing efforts, and welcomes contemplation of the textile lifecycle and its importance in meaningful climate actions.

Featured Project


A fashion design collaboration with emerging fashion designer Jesus Romero. Would you recall the true worth of textiles and extend their lifespan? A mini-collection loosely inspired by Japanese and Victorian aesthetics, refashioned from pre-owned / vintage clothes and textiles.

Experience Mira's Textile Art in Virtual Reality

The Climate Gallery features Mira Musank in the virtual “A Study in Artivism” exhibition. See Mira’s creations in the virtual Textile Arts Gallery and check out galleries from 4 other climate artists - Klara Maisch, David Solnit, Minori Murata, and Rose McAdoo.

Watch Artist Talk with Mira Musank

Climate Gallery‘s “A Study in Artivism” exhibition kicked off with Mira’s Artist Talk and her Textile Art Gallery tours. Watch the recorded 30-minute talk and subsequent gallery tour clips!

Video Guides
Artist Talk starts at (3:10)
Gallery Tour starts at (40:14)
Download presentation slides

Homemade Wardrobe


Making a Modern Ethnic Outfit

Visible Mending on Worn-Out Pants

Making Origami Top with Square Remnants

Designing Convertible Handkerchief Dress

Altering Pattern to Make Sleeveless Coat

Covering Stains with Lace Appliqué

Crafting a Gardening Outfit

Covering Wine Stains with Hand Embroidery

Making Custom Kitchen Aprons

Refashioning Moto Jacket into Vest

From Tattered Silk to Patched Boro Shirt

Building Couture-Inspired Cage Dress

Creating Bra Top & Pencil Skirt Combo

Designing Reversible Dress with Pockets

Redesigning Sweatshirt Sleeves with Layers

Dyeing Vintage Nightie with Flowers

Refashioning Men’s Shirt Pieces into Dress

Draping Knit Cutoff into Asymmetrical Cape

Repurposing Pieced Fur into Bolero Shrug

Designing Three-Way Apron Dress

Refashioning Vintage Striped Dress

Repurposing Remnants into Sleepwear Set

Upcycling Fast Fashion Halter Top Twice

Texturing Shirt Front with Lace Trims

Experimenting with Itajime Shibori Dye Resist

Designing High Low Dress

Refashioning Men’s Shirt into Shibori Skirt

Converting Scarf into Kimono Top


Making Bloom Neckpiece with Tulle Remnants

Refashioning Waist Corset Belt

Fashioning Birdcage Wedding Veil

Bags & Shoes

Repairing Oxford Shoes with Woven Fabric Strip

Patching and Reinforcing Torn Cross-body Bag

Hand Stitching Appliqué Pieces to Duffle Bag

Repurposing Remnants into Tetrahedron Bag

Embellishing Flats with Lace and Velvet

Weaving Tote Bag with Floor Loom

Covering Purse Scuff Marks with Ribbon Trims

Brightening Loafers with Fabric Collages

Designing Personal Makeup Case

Home and Garden


Repurposing paper treasures

Repairing Cracked Planter with Decoupage

Making Textured Dotted Pillowcase

Transforming Upholstery Remnants into Pillowcases

Making Art Deco Inspired Textile

Making Bar Stool Cushions

Naturally Dyeing Pillowcase with Flowers

Transforming Paper Waste into Collages

Crafting Custom Postcards

Let’s Work Together

Thank you for browsing the Gallery of our works. Through each project, we strive to eliminate waste and maximize use of so-called textile waste and material remnants. We look forward to collaborate with like-minded individuals and businesses that champion more sustainable lifestyle and practices of reduce, reuse, and repurpose. Please contact us to start a conversation!

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