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Welcome to Fafafoom Studio

Creating custom garments with pre-owned clothes and textile remnants

We rescue and upcycle discarded fabric remnants, samples, and materials to create custom garments, accessories, and decors.

Whenever possible, we thoughtfully repair torn clothes and accessories with machine or by hand to extend their life.

Old clothes and accessories get recycled and reborn with new silhouette / colors / surface patterns / embellishments. DIY Fashion ftw!

Coming Soon: Virtual Exhibition with Climate Gallery

Mira Musank is selected as one of the 5 artists to showcase their artistic works with climate activism focus in Virtual Reality gallery setting starting on November 2022! Check out Climate Gallery for more details for all featured artists.

Featured Project

Gathered Cloths

An active study of collecting and repurposing textile waste into functional and modular apparel design. Growing amount of scrap cloths are gathered and assembled into a new form with each iteration.

Initiated during Climate Creative Spring 2021 cohort participation, the Gathered Cloths project invites better awareness of textile waste, encourages textile repurposing efforts, and welcomes contemplation of textile lifecycle and its importance in meaningful climate actions.

Latest Blog Posts

Hi, I’m Mira Musank!

I’m a DIY fashion lover, sustainable style maker, and textile design learner based in San Francisco Bay Area. Creative adventurer since 2007.

Featured In

Mira Musank is featured in California Elegance (Mondadori, 2021) by Frederic Aranda and Christine Suppes.

Cover of California Elegance book

Mira Musank profile in California Elegance: Portraits from the Final Frontier


Fafafoom Studio is featured in Redfin Blog as part of "Experts Share Sustainable Decor Ideas to Create a Stylish, Eco-Minded Space" article.

Fafafoom Studio featured in Redfin Blog

Our Bubblegum Dreaming Cage Dress is featured in Simply Sewing Magazine Issue 50 as part of The Refashioners 2018!

FAFAFOOM featured in Simply Sewing Magazine - Art of Refashioning

FAFAFOOM featured in Simply Sewing Magazine - Art of Refashioning

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Get inspired by our most popular DIY Project posts:

High-Low Circle Skirt Dress Sewing Project

High-Low Circle Skirt Dress Sewing Project

My first DIY dress ever! It was a rather impulsive decision, and the execution was muddled with detours. It took me 20 hours from sketching to finished garment, but the end result (and learning experience) was SUPER worth it!

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Upcycling Linen Curtains into Handkerchief Dress

Upcycling Linen Curtains into Handkerchief Dress

A linen upcycle inspired by an “Instant Dress” how-to from Family Circle 1977 magazine cutout. Two panels of rescued linen curtains were naturally dyed and transformed into a dress with T-shaped bodice and handkerchief skirt. 

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Wedding DIY Birdcage Veil with Flowers

Wedding DIY Birdcage Veil with Flowers

For my second wedding celebration to the same man, my beloved Chris, I want to add a personal touch to my bridal attire. I decided to make this DIY birdcage veil with flowers, which turns out to be a fun DIY project that gives the perfect finishing touch to my wedding outfit.

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DIY Scarf Top with Kimono Sleeves

DIY Scarf Top with Kimono Sleeves

This is perhaps the tipping point for my love of DIY projects. Making simple kaftan scarf top with kimono sleeves from an old H&M scarf was such a fun experience. I couldn’t believe I almost throw this barely-used scarf away; it has such a pretty flower print and colors!

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“You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”
- Maya Angelou

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