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Repurposing textile waste to construct, refashion, or repair garments and accessories.

We invite you to waste not, wear more by sharing design how-tos and resources to:


We rescue and upcycle discarded fabric remnants, textile samples, and other materials to create custom garments, accessories, and home decor.

We thoughtfully repair torn or worn out clothes, vintage garments, and accessories whenever possible to extend their life span and wearability.

We deconstruct pre-owned clothes and accessories, redesign, and piece them together to reassemble them into garments with new silhouette / colors / surface patterns / embellishments.

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Our Showcases

Sustainable Fashion Exhibition

Part of San Francisco Climate Week

April 25, 2024 at Hibernia SF

Fafafoom Studio partners with Serotonin Creative to make Sustainable Fashion Exhibition happen! Panel discussions with industry experts in Material Sourcing, Sustainable Brands, and End-of-Life Opportunities, and sustainability-first fashion shows.

Featured Project

Gathered Cloths

An active study of collecting and repurposing textile waste into functional and modular apparel design. Growing amounts of scrap cloth are gathered and assembled into a new form with each iteration.

Initiated during Climate Creative Spring 2021 cohort participation, the Gathered Cloths project invites better awareness of textile waste, encourages textile repurposing efforts, and welcomes contemplation of the textile lifecycle and its importance in meaningful climate actions.

What We Make

Our Projects

Modern Ethnic Outfit

Biking Pants Repair

Six-Square Top

Tulle Cage Dress

Origami Treasure Boxes

Gardening Outfit

Handkerchief Dress

Boro Shirt

Featured Project


A fashion design collaboration with emerging fashion designer Jesus Romero. Would you recall the true worth of textiles and extend their lifespan? A mini-collection loosely inspired by Japanese and Victorian aesthetics, refashioned from pre-owned / vintage clothes and textiles.

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Who We Are

About Us

Mira Musank is a textile upcycling artist based in San Francisco Bay Area – land of indigenous tribes Ohlone, Muwekma, and Lisjan.

Repurposing discarded textile samples, used clothes, and fabric remnants, she transforms them into custom garments and home decor. Her designs are inspired by a combination of Western haute couture and traditional East / Southeast Asian cultures.

Through an intuitive process of sewing, weaving, and hand embroidery, Mira aims to give second chances to so-called textile waste in more intimate yet expressive intentions. She also regularly redistributes materials to the local community for creative reuse.


Our community


"Because of Mira, two loveseats, an armchair and two ottomans will stay out of landfill."

Cynthia Anderson

“You were the absolute, best person to receive some of those heritage items from my family. Thank you for keeping these items alive."

Cora Perry

A kind reminder: All the pictures featured here are protected under Creative Commons license. They can only be used with prior consent from us and linked back to fafafoom.com. Commercial use of any material is forbidden. If you'd like to use our pictures, please email us.

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