Scarf Top with Kimono Sleeves

Scarf Kimono Top Project | Fafafoom Studio

In a Nutshell

The initial plan was to make a simple kaftan top from a rectangular scarf. It’s an old scarf I seldom wore, and I wanted to showcase it more.

Shortly after the project began, the plan evolved. Long story short, what emerged was a beautiful and versatile scarf top with kimono sleeves! A great layering piece for spring and summer.

Key Materials

The main materials for this DIY Fashion project were an old H&M scarf, as well as bias tape for the neckline. Sewing machine, matching threads, and tracing paper (to help stabilize the slippery fabric) completed the supply list.

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Scarf Top with Kimono Sleeves - DIY Fashion |
Scarf Top with Kimono Sleeves - DIY Fashion |


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October 15, 2017

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