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In a Nutshell

These custom paper postcards are results of Foundations of Textile class exercises.

Observations of block silhouettes, creating lines with cutouts, and paper layering techniques are combined to create these compositions in A5 paper sizes.

Key Materials

The main materials for this DIY Paper Craft project are cartridge papers, printed and/or colored papers, cutouts from fashion magazines, and used tea bags. ModPodge, rulers, X-acto knife, and pair of scissors complete the list.

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Read more about this project by visiting 3 Life-Changing Lessons from Online Foundations of Textile class post.

Tea Escape custom postcard - DIY Paper Craft |
Tea Cup Appliqué custom postcard - DIY Paper Craft |

Golden Summer custom postcard - DIY Paper Craft |
Permission to Merge custom postcard - DIY Paper Craft |



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March 15, 2018

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