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Bay Area Dance Week

Last year, I missed this event entirely…….this year is my chance to join Bay Area National Dance Week from April 22 to May 1! If you love to dance, no matter what your skill level is, you HAVE to take advantage of this free event. 10 days of 400+ FREE dance events all over Bay [...]

Argentine Tango time

Argentine Tango had been a form of dance that’s elusive to me until now. I’ve done ballroom and latin dances, but I didn’t quite get Argentine Tango. The dancers do it in somehow kind-of off-beat quality, relaxed but intense, the men guiding the women’s moves while the ladies react to the men’s “suggestions”, the push-and-pull, [...]

Tout près des étoiles: Les danseurs de l’Opéra de Paris

I always admire dancers. Classically trained dancers, street dancers…. people who are alive because they are dancing, even the word “love” seems too weak to describe the extent of their passion. People who choose dance as a profession, knowing how difficult and relentless their journey as dancers are. Last night, I was looking for SYTYCD [...]