Capsule Design Festival 2011

Well, what do you know? The 5th month of 2011 is here! Time sure flies :) It's exciting that the first day of May 2011 is marked with Capsule Design Festival at Hayes Valley Park, from 11 am to 6 pm! 130 independent men's, women's, kids' clothing,  and accessories...

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My April (2011 Version)

When I read my April notes from last year (you can see it if you're my Facebook friend) at the beginning of this month, I feel encouraged at first. It’s been a year since my last state of being and sometimes it’s refreshing to look back on your past self and reflect...

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Machine Civilization / World Order

My newest Japanese admiration :) I have been in love with World Order's unique style of dance and catchy beats since the beginning, and I expect this affair to continue until many, many years in the future. Ja ne, Musank

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