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Wearable Tech Demo Recap – Fashion Tech Week 2014

The second Fashion Tech Week 2014 event I went to was WearTechCon: WearableTech Demo Night on Thursday evening 2/27 at General Assembly – Forio, 20 Rausch St., San Francisco. The slightly uneasy feeling I had when walking to the event from 5th and Mission parking garage was immediately washed away upon arrival; many had arrived [...]

Marinel Sun Pin It to Win It + Chris Hart’s Fashion Design Studio Book Giveaway + Special Offer from University of Fashion

Yup, the Holiday Season is rapidly building up to a full swing. You might be preparing for Thanksgiving or shopping for Christmas gifts for A LOT of people. So let me offer several gift ideas to help you budding fashionistas and/or emerging designers. You can win a San Francisco’s Marinel Sun dress, a fashion illustration [...]

Enjoying Quality Jazz at Red and White Lounge

Indonesia has its share of very, very talented jazz musicians. Thankfully, this group of selected few continually cultivate jazz musical talents to the next generation(s), which in turn increases jazz appreciation and inspiration among general public and musicians of all skills. Events like JakJazz or Java Jazz Festivals have been very well-received, featuring both local [...]