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Yanakiku at J-Pop Summit 2017: Better than Ever

Beloved J-Pop kimocos duo Yanakiku was back for their 4th J-Pop Summit Festival appearance in San Francisco, and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to interview them again before watching their mini-concert. Yana and Kiku looked and sounded better than ever, and we cannot wait to see them back next year!

On-Site Meeting with World Order at J-Pop Summit 2016

Interview, Audience Q&A highlights, and live performance of Japanese vocal and dance performance group World Order. Seeing them perform live were the ultimate dream of J-Pop Summit 2016 experience! We hope they come back to San Francisco. Left to right: Yusuke Morisawa, Masato Ochiai, Hayato Uchiyama, Genki Sudo, Akihiro Takahashi, Ryuta Tomita, Takashi Jonishi. Photos by Christian Hadidjaja.

Interview with Sebastian Masuda: The Future is Colorful

It was an enlightening experience to interview Sebastian Masuda during J-Pop Summit 2016. We talked about the Harajuku KAWAII culture, his current “Time After Time Capsule” art project, and the future of Harajuku! Images: Christian Hadidjaja for Fafafoom (unless otherwise stated).

Una’s Return: Interview + Performance at J-Pop Summit 2016

Top Harajuku model and recording artist Una returned to J-Pop Summit 2016! Read more to know her current fashion obsessions, what projects she’s doing, and photos from her Moshi Moshi Nippon performance! Photos by Christian Hadidjaja.

Catching up with YANAKIKU: Interview + Performance at J-Pop Summit 2016

They’re back!!! Our favorite J-Pop duo YANAKIKU was back to participate in J-Pop Summit San Francisco for the third year in a row. So naturally, we had to catch up! Read more to know what’s up with the dynamic vocal duo these days, and see photos from their J-Pop Summit 2016 performance. Photos by Christian Hadidjaja.

Celebrating Harajuku Fashion with MaruQ San Francisco

Continuing J-Pop Summit tradition, the kawaii and colorful Harajuku fashion gets a spotlight during J-Pop Summit 2015, thanks to MaruQ San Francisco’s fashion showcase and competition. Photos by Christian Hadidjaja.

We LOVE Yanakiku: Interview and Performance at J-Pop Summit 2015

The kimocos vocal duo Yanakiku was back for the second time for J-Pop Summit 2015! We love Yanakiku and had a wonderful time chatting with them and watching their performance. They opened up about their close connection to each other, kimocos, personal style, and more! Photos by Christian Hadiajaja.

Lovely Musubizm Encounter at J-Pop Summit 2015

Musubizm girls – Eru Shiina, Rurika Miyajima, Misa Kimura, Nami Yamada, and Mai Imai – may be newcomer in Japan’s idol group ecosystem, but these girls have a lot of enthusiastic energy and big dreams. We got to see them performing and interview them at J-Pop Summit 2015. Photos by Christian Hadidjaja.

Catching Up with Ayumi Seto and Aymmy in the batty girls

Interviewing Ayumi Seto is definitely one of J-Pop Summit 2015 highlights. It’s truly awesome we got to do catch-up one year after our first interview and learn more about her Aymmy in the batty girls brand, personal style, and future projects. Photos by Christian Hadidjaja.

AMIAYA Interview + joutie Fashion Show + Music Performance

Our J-Pop Summit 2015 experience began with interviewing AMIAYA, the concept producers behind apparel brand joutie. We got to know how they feel working with their twin sister, joutie’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection, and lots more! Photos by Christian Hadidjaja.

J-Pop Summit Festival 2015 Fashion Events

Get ready for a serious dose of kawaii fashion during J-Pop Summit Festival 2015! The 2-day festival presents MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON fashion show featuring artists Ayumi Seto, AMIAYA, Misa Kimura with her new idol group Musubizm, fashion showcases from BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT and MARUQ!

J-Pop Summit Festival 2015 Dates Announced

Mark your calendar, J-Pop fans. The 7th annual J-Pop Summit Festival is coming back this summer 2015 with several surprises in store! Photo courtesy of J-Pop Summit Festival 2015 Committee via Medialab PR.


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