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Daily Beast – Culture in 2011

Right off the bat, Daily Beast has made me so excited about what’s to come in 2011 (it’s almost a week already!!!). Except for Justin Bieber, of course. Or Britney. I am especially excited to see what Lady Gaga will bring in her “Born This Way” album, as well as the new fashion trends in [...]

Kite Architecture – tsui no sumika

Can I have a house designed by Kite Architecture please? Because this tsui no sumika looks so amazing. Hontou ni subarashii desu!! Twisted roof and ceiling, irregularities, serene but quirky setting…. it really makes you rethink the concept of home architecture and design. What really sells it for me is the unique point of the [...]

Orishiki Suitcase

One part origami, one part really-hard-to-figure-out (at least from first glance) suitcase. While I’m not sure whether many people will fight each other to buy this Orishiki, I definitely think it strikes a chord with design lovers. I personally love it; it definitely turns heads,  and I would never shy away from several confused, weird-out [...]