LA designer Ashton Hirota showcases his Ashton Michael Fall/Winter 2015 collection at Style Fashion Week. Bold, confident shapes with black, white, and red!

Ashton Hirota’s label Ashton Michael made a bold statement during its premier appearance at Style Fashion Week Los Angeles on March 20, 2015. The Fall/Winter 2015 collection was described as “the transgender love child of Sporty Spice and Rocky Balboa who also happens to have a fascination with TRON.” The strong presence of black, white, and red colors boldly illuminating the structural, athletic unisex streetwear chic shapes in leather, denim, silk, and neoprene.

Not only the pieces are edgy, but they are also empowering. The giant zipper placed on the center of a pair of hot pants, the flowing hoods, sharply angular jackets forming upward facing arrows layered with tunics underneath, bomber jackets, baggy shorts, and drainpipe pants all scream fearlessness with a good dose of refined recklessness. It’s great that the models brought the right attitudes, as you can see from the photos below. Kudos for Mr. Hirota for being able to express the excitement and boldness so cleanly and effectively with his finely executed collection. Even when the pieces are layered on top of each other, the outfit as a whole never loses its fire.

Photos by Ken Alcazar / Courtesy of BubbleFish Media

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Special thanks to BubbleFish Media for letting me know about this fashion show during Style Fashion Week LA. And I wish the best for Ashton Hirota; I’m definitely looking forward to see how he can push boundaries to create the next fresh presence in streetwear fashion.

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Photos by Ken Alcazar / Courtesy of BubbleFish Media

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