Dutch designer Esther Louise Dorhout Mees made her Paris Fashion Week debut with Dorhout Mees Fall/Winter 2016 presentation. Inspired by the gathering of birds, the collection is animalistic, intimidating, yet etherial. Photos: Courtesy of Dorhout Mees via Totem Fashion.

I’m happy that Dutch designer Esther Louise Dorhout Mees entered my fashion radar. After her studies at ArtEZ Academy of Arts in Arnhem, Esther worked fashion labels such as Bruuns Bazaar and Tommy Hilfiger before starting her own label. Dorhout Mees is feminine and conceptual, organic and structural. Connection and contradiction are equal parts of the label’s essence. I’m starting to understand all these characteristics more after seeing Dorhout Mees Fall / Winter 2016 collection during the label’s Paris Fashion Week debut.

The collection is inspired by swarm of birds. “Their movement uncontrolled, yet feels like breathing in and out and looks like a well choreographed dance…They form bold silhouettes together and become a compact solid, only to fall apart in transparency in many different directions without ever touching.”

Esther executed this design concept beautifully. Not only the silhouettes are strong, the overall garments also have depth. The prints, inspired by flock of birds look rick and three-dimensional. The hand woven fabric is done with 6 different yarns to create certain textures. The tactile 3D hand knits with animalistic traits of split paws or exposed skin on joints to accentuate movements complete the fierce and intimidating quality of Dorhout Mees Fall / Winter 2016. If the garments are not bold enough for you, just look at the models’ pitch black eyes. That styling detail is eerie, however the hair styling makes the overall effect become ethereal.

I’m really drawn to these alien-like creatures wearing amazing animal skin-like garments. What a well-done, memorable first showing during Paris Fashion Week!

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Photos: Courtesy of Dorhout Mees via Totem Fashion.

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