As I previously mentioned in my earlier post about Fashion Forward Season Three in Dubai, this showcase marks the first FFWD debut for the Lebanese couturier Jean Louis Sabaji. I am truly mesmerized by his collection that I’d like to share most of the looks he presented on the first day of FFWD (April 11, 2014) in Dubai.

Mr. Sabaji’s designs are conceptual avant-garde creations that are deeply rooted in Mother Nature. I love this collection so much because each 30+ creations focuses on one element of the story and keeps the rest of the outfit simple. In a way, he’s telling a magical blooming spring garden story from a visual story book, but he uses models instead of book pages to convey the story to us. And because the mesmerizing fusion of flowers, plants, and insects are what the cumulative pieces of the garden, I naturally have an impossibly hard time to select just a few favorite looks. Yes, the individual creations are good, but seeing all of them is so much greater.

The colors are so vibrant, textures are so silky and smooth, the shapes are clean thanks to the high quality of design execution. by the blossoming of a valley flushed with colours and silky textures. From the FFWD Day 1 collectio notes: “Handcrafted techniques are used to imitate the foliage of a garden. Colors are taken from Mother Nature expressed throughout a gradation from raspberry to light pink, yellow to orange, white to beige. There is an interaction of all elements from the smallest insects to the rarest flowers. Branches are braided on the dresses from one side, and blooming into flowers on the other side. Fabrics are light as petals, garnished with 3D flowers, insects and fruits creating a sense of movement, echoed in the swinging volumes of the gowns.” I hope the extracted passage above gives you a clearer idea about the vivid visual story telling.

But enough about words. If anything can drive the concept home, it’s Mr. Sabaji’s collection itself. Feast your eyes!

Disclaimer for all photos used in this article:
Photos by Ian Gavan and Stuart Wilson/Courtesy of Getty Images via The Portsmouth Group.

[shashin type=”photo” id=”13133,13134,13135,13136,13137,13138,13139,13140,13141,13142,13143,13144,13145,13146,13147,13148,13149,13150″ size=”xlarge” columns=”max” order=”user” position=”center”]
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What do you think? Aren’t they beautiful in their own quirky, magical way? Now, if only those Fruit of the Loom mascots can be more high fashion…

Thank you again for Portsmouth Group for providing the FFWD collection notes and images.
Happy Easter and until next time,

Photos by Ian Gavan and Stuart Wilson/Courtesy of Getty Images via The Portsmouth Group

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