Presenting a collection that’s resulted from “being in the different state of mind,” Gosia Baczynska Fall/Winter 2015 comes alive with Old Hollywood glamour and art deco flair. Photos by Michał Grzywacz / Courtesy of Totem Fashion.

Gosia Baczynska presented her Fall/Winter 2015 collection, aptly titled “Frankenstein’s Dream” on March 5th, 2015 at Hotel de Monaco – Residence de l’Ambassadeur de Pologne (57 rue Saint Dominique, Paris 7e). Her philosophical reflection followed her through the whole design process, giving birth to a collection dense with vibes of eternity, endurance, and continuation.

For the Fall/Winter 2015 collection, Ms. Baczynska had two points of reference: a 1909 photographic self-portrait that signifies a dream of eternity through technology, and James Whale’s movie “Frankenstein” that represents tragic romanticism diluted in progressive vision. These inspirations transformed rich textures of knits, jacquards, as well as silk, silver metallic organza, laser-cut leather applications, and soft hairy crochets into sophisticated dresses, coats, jackets, and suits.

The highlight of the collection includes ghost-like image of Frankenstein on a soft-shaped flowing black silk suit and dresses constructed from geometric metallic organza shapes hand-sewn together. On the surface, Gosia Baczynska Fall/Winter 2015 collection looks dark and heavy. But once one cuts through the surface and see the details, blink-and-you-missed-it sensuality, and camera-shaped bags in black and silver, the beauty of Ms. Baczynska’s execution shines through. Old Hollywood glamour and art deco flair lives on for another chapter of eternity.

Photos by Michał Grzywacz / Courtesy of Totem Fashion.

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Photos by Michał Grzywacz / Courtesy of Totem Fashion.

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