Inspired by the early 20th century fantasy films, Julien Fournié presents his Fall/Winter 2015 collection of both ready-to-wear and haute couture pieces during Paris Haute Couture week. Photos courtesy of Totem Fashion.

On July 7, 2015, Julien Fournié presents “First Night,” his Fall/Winter 2015 collection. The French couturier portrays “the female characters who favor mystery to enhance their strong personality” in his 35-piece collection. Julien Fournié was inspired by the esotericism and the magnetism of movies, such as Karl Freund’s “Mad Love” or Marcel L’Herbier’s “Fantastic Night.” He also cited “Letters between Six Sisters,” a selection of Mitford sisters’ private correspondence as a source of his fascination of independent thinking and wit.

The first 15 pieces on the runway is the Fall/Winter 2015 ready-to-wear collection, which is now available in stores, particularly at Le Printemps department store, Paris. The glittery black ensembles convey deep elegance, confidence, and power.

With these separates, Mr. Fournié evokes the world of magicians. Capes are integrated everywhere: at the back of a raincoat or of a little gray dress, vest, jacket with a detachable tail, and in jumpsuits with lace inlay or 3D brocades. The black Art Deco print also plays an important part in conveying the mysterious and elegant fashion.

Photos courtesy of Totem Fashion.

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The next 20 pieces unleash Julien Fournié’s vision of Paris Couture, done in collaboration with Sophie Halette. Grey or emerald silk velvet pieces are often embroidered with sequins in the same shades. A diamond-shaped neckline is embellished with Art Deco geometric patterns.

I find the detail of extended sleeves with thumb cover very charming, but the gowns on this haute couture collection are superb. The fuchsia silk jersey dress with asymmetrical back, glittery bustiers with flaring corollas, the hooded sheath in embroidered velvet, the black gown with sculpted black flowers are all done with impeccable craftsmanship.

The finale dress in crinkled black vinyl is the most hypnotizing of all; the model brings the attitude and expression that concludes the spectacular Julien Fournié Fall/Winter 2015 fashion show.

Photos courtesy of Totem Fashion.

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Photos courtesy of Totem Fashion.

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