Apparently this is the kind of fun designer cats have on their journey to fame. SUPERSWEET x moumi Autumn/Winter 2015 lookbook is super fun to browse!

Discovering the Bangkok-based SUPERSWEET brand was so much fun. Look no further than its About Us page, capped humorously with quotes from various people (fans, clients, ex-employees, and perhaps even some random dudes) on the Testimonials section. Even though I still don’t get what SUPERSWEET is all about, at least I know it’s super fun.

Afterall, this is an online magazine and shop launched in 2007, which eventually made its mark in fashion by taking inspiration in London scenes and sourcing global brands, including Ivana Helskinki, Opening Ceremony, Australia’s Third Drawer Down, Los Angeles’ Alex + Chloe, and Thailand’s MAFIA. Long story short, the SUPERSWEET shop quickly become the superstar of the two, but the magazine (lovingly called as the “Zoo”) has nothing to worry about due to its eclectic fashion, music, and art editorial offerings and loyal fans.

SUPERSWEET’s quirky fun style continues with SUPERSWEET x moumi label, which originally started as a line of T-shirts stamped with Abyssinian Blue cat named moumi. She was reportedly scheming her own rise to fame and played with her own styles “while Mommy’s away.” Apparently the designer cat struck gold with the T-shirts, and SUPERSWEET x moumi debuted its first collection in 2011. moumi added more cat power to her team with two younger sisters: Myogi (Burmilla) and Kikilala (Showshoe). The two Australians and one New Yorker getting their chops in London and working in Bangkok is set to connect global fashion.

I’m pretty sure SUPERSWEET x moumi is a great hit for cat lovers everywhere. As a dog lover, I feel rather uncomfortable typing this, but the SUPERSWEET x moumi AW15 lookbook is pretty darn cute. Perhaps I’ll check out their Osaka pop-up store (if they still have it by the time I visit Japan next time) to see the cat craziness :)

All humor aside, browsing the SUPERSWEET x moumi AW15 collection below, I cannot help thinking about San Francisco summer. The bohemian, carefree, and quirky outfits look so much at home for one of those chilly summer outdoor concerts at Golden Gate Park…or two, or three, or all of them.

Photos Courtesy of SUPERSWEET x moumi via Totem Fashion.

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Photos Courtesy of SUPERSWEET x moumi via Totem Fashion.

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