Following the Candy Land Adventurers in his last collection, Mr. Arora is all about magical pop warriors for Manish Arora Fall/Winter 2015 collection. Once again, I wished I experience seeing this runway presentation in person! Photos by PixelFormula Paco Rabanne / Courtesy of Totem Fashion.

Manish Arora presented his Fall/Winter 2015 collection on March 5, 2015 at Palais de Tokyo – Galerie Haute (13 avenue du Président Wilson, Paris 16e). If the last collection is filled with Candy Land Adventurers, Manish Arora Fall/Winter 2015 is all about colorful, fantastical warrior princesses.

The sweet razzle dazzle theme continues, and the story is perfectly told by the Manish Arora Fall/Winter 2015 press release, as quoted below:

Once upon a time, in a far away land full of colour and shine, a pop warrior travelled through a magical landscape populated with mystical creatures. Jewelled owls and ravens watched from the branches of the trees while iridescent dragonflies danced in the green grass. Our heroine fought many battles in shining armour and intricately embellished sweatshirts, and braved electric thunderstorms in embroidered jumpsuits and richly printed separates to reach the medieval court of the king and queen.

Carrying the sweetly macabre trophy skulls and bones of her victories, she used her seductress charms in sensually draped strapless dresses and plunging wrap tops in order to rule the kingdom. As Queen of all the tribes, she exchanged the shaggy Mongolian wool, raw edged astrakhan and pleated kilts of her hunting days for luxurious fur trims, opulent brocades and velvets in jewel tones of royal blue, teal, aristocratic mustard, regal purple, and orange amber.

The wolves and dragons became her fiercest protectors and the court jester entertained her in his multi-coloured harlequin embroidery. She borrowed the feathers of her winged friends to bedeck floor-sweeping capes – festooned with printed three-dimensional versions, and raven black dresses in feather-effect fabric while she feasted on banquets of grapes, pomegranates and strawberries.

Under her reign the people lived in a jubilant haze of pink and gold and everyone lived happily ever after!!

Naturally I have to share that press release…that’s perhaps the most fashion-forward fairy tale I have ever read in my life! Now, enjoy the photos from the collection and let your imagination soar.

Photos by PixelFormula Paco Rabanne / Courtesy of Totem Fashion.

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Photos by PixelFormula Paco Rabanne / Courtesy of Totem Fashion.

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