Calm, collected, and always cool looking. The Avoc Menswear Fall/Winter 2015 lookbook is just as sharp as the womenswear counterpart. It’s easy to imagine how stunning both collections look side by side.

So by now, you may have seen the Avoc Fall/Winter 2015 collection for women. But don’t forget about the menswear collection, which proves to be an equally solid companion. It’s worth noting that Avoc is mentioned as one of the six emerging menswear labels during last season’s Paris Menswear Show. Boy, the Avoc duo Laura Do and Bastien Laurent will have (if not already having) a great journey ahead!

Browsing through Avoc Menswear Fall/Winter 2015 lookbook, you will notice how straightforward and effective the garments are. They architectural lines seem effortlessly executed, and the materials – Italian wool, German gabardines, French and Japanese fabrics – shine through effectively. Aside from the black and navy colors, the moss green coat and grey Malachite print garments are the standouts of this rock solid collection.

Browse the collection below, and let’s see if it gives a sense of clarity, just like what it does to me. But this is not surprising, considering Atelier Avoc does scenography, art direction, and interior design services on top of fashion design. Their “Chapter 3” Fall/Winter 2015 is no-brainer fantastic.

Photos Courtesy of Avoc via Totem Fashion.
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Photos Courtesy of Avoc via Totem Fashion.

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