There’s a distinct sense of ease and structural elegance in Avoc Womenswear Fall/Winter 2015 collection. Really clean, on-point, and fresh.

Browsing through the womenswear outfits of “Chapter 3,” the 3rd collection from Avoc was a serene, refreshing experience. It has clarity, focus, and a certain nonchalant coolness that I really like. I cannot help but being mesmerized.

So it was a little surprising to find out that Avoc is “only” 2 years old. The young Parisian label was founded by Laura Do and Bastien Laurent, and according to, it “creates connections between clothing, scenography and decorative arts.” No wonder they look so effortlessly wholesome to look at.

Avoc’s “Chapter 3” has shades of green that are very appealing (and I don’t usually like green); the Malachite print is a stunning stand-out element in an ocean of basic yet effective colors of black and navy. The silhouettes are clean and structured, making the garments very “effective” in their mostly oversized nature.

See the Avoc Womenswear Fall/Winter 2015 lookbook images below and judge for yourself! I’m sure we’ll hear more about Avoc very, very soon.

Photos Courtesy of Avoc via Totem Fashion.
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Photos Courtesy of Avoc via Totem Fashion.

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