I now believe that annual students’ fashion show from art institutes of San Francisco is anything but a student’s fashion show. They have modern flair, attitude, glamor, and most important of all, a point of view. The Fashion Metamorphosis from The Art Institute of California – San Francisco was no exception. On Saturday, June 20 at San Francisco Design Center, the students proudly presented their pieces for friends, family, Bay Area designers, and fashion professionals.

The looks  consisted of women’s wear, men’s wear, bridal wear, and even junior wear. And I have to say, looking at each pieces from street wear to high fashion, I was impressed. Each look is worth looking, and that alone affirmed great talents the Bay Area fashion students are. The pieces were testaments that the students worked hard; even if the final products had some minor flaws, they should be proud of what they presented on the runway. With talents this great, I can see San Francisco as an emerging fashion capital in the world!

To prepare for the annual fashion show, all students had freedom to design whatever they are passionate about. They could enter one to five pieces per collection, and could enter as many as three collections. Later on, the pieces were judged by preliminary judging panel (a group of industry professionals). From there, Clarissa Nicosia, the instructor of the Fashion Show Production class devised themes that would best represents the shown collections. On June 20, the 100 looks from 25 student designers were judged by Nerissa Pacio, Hiroko Kurihara, Stephanie Verriere, and Melissa Leventon to decide four winners (Best Design, Most Creative, Best Construction, and Best Overall).

Alright, I think I talked too much. On to the themes and the designs, and see if you share my opinion that our Bay Area students are amazing. This part one presents the first 6 themes that focused more on casual wear and cocktail attires. Later on, part two focuses more on evening wear, show girl costumes, and bridal attire encapsulated in 5 themes.

To show you the pictures of the largest student fashion show in the Bay Area, I will keep my comments (shown in italics) at minimum. On a separate post, I will also post pictures of the talented 25 designers whose collection(s) are seen here. Once again, all pictures are copyrighted by Christian Hadidjaja.

1st Theme: Sutra

Designs by Vanessa Brown:


Designs by Apeksha Ambaram:


Designs by Leslie Fong:


Designs by Andrew Landrith:


2nd Theme: Amsterdam

Designs by Coral Castillo:


Designs by Apeksha Ambaram:


3rd Theme: Guernica

Designs by Maria Garcia Pacheco:


Designs by Dora Un:


Designs by Jerika Contreras:
Bonus point: now we can see Maria Garcia’s models finally got rid of their ski masks :)


Designs by Tashica Moore:
One of my favorites of the night – feminine but not too girly (OK, maybe the first look was too girly for me), soft earthy tones, and great consistent color pallette. Lovely lovely!!!


4th Theme: Philomene Dahlia

Designs by Rachel Richardson:


Design by Vanessa Brown:
Love the coat!

Designs by Dylan Perrigo:


Theme 5: Prodigal

Designs by Jordan Saenz:


Theme 6: Monte Carlo

Designs by Justyna Fiuk:


Designs by Christina Newcom:


Designs by Erik Stultz:


Design by Megan Kondrasky:
I have to admit, when I saw her walking down the runway and back up, I was so scared! Her skirt’s riding up dangerously close to exposing her butt! The sleeves were fun, though.

Alright, that’s it for part one! Stay tune for part two!!

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