Here we go, the second and final part of the Fashion Metamorphosis, the annual student fashion show of Art Institute of California – San Francisco. It was held at San Francisco Design Center on Saturday, June 20, 2009.

Part one is right here, and this post focused on the last 5 themes presented (there were a total of 11 fashion themes on Fashion Metamorphosis).

Continue reading to continue your journey through Art Institute of California 2009 Fashion Metamorphosis!

Theme 7: Rendevous: Potrero Hills

Designs by Autie Carlisle:
One of my favorites, I LOVE the color combination, very nautical and had that “cool pirate” feel to it. Great outfits for summer!


Design by Ting Pondpun:

Design by Ivy Elwyn:

Designs by Apeksha Ambaram:



Theme 8: Coral Circus

Designs by Erik Stultz:



Theme 9: Alchemy

Designs by Christina Newcom:


Design by Lianzi Liu:

Designs by Erik Stulz:
Love the dramatic flair! All three creations were gorgeous; I especially love the tiered dress, reminded me of Carmen.



Theme 10: Siouxsie’s Garden

Designs by Sheri Myers:


Designs by Maureen Clemente:


Designs by Rachel Richardson:
Oh my God, I can’t stress how much I love her pieces…..four lovely dresses just coming out one after another. They’re gorgeous (I know I use the word too much), but…COME ON!!! They are GORGEOUS!! And that wedding dress!



Theme 11: Wonderland

Design by Coral Castillo:
She’s the big winner of the night for Best Design Award for making this mermaid dress….and it really was a show-stopper! And those blue details were actually recycled shampoo bottles? Fabulous!

Designs by Stephanie Stayer:
I can’t help but admired Stephanie’s evening dress. I wonder how many hours she spent on making this piece!


Designs by Danielle Tilford:



Design by Chadae Frank:


Design by Andrew Landrith:

Design by Dylan Perrigo:



And that’s a wrap! The next post will feature all the 25 student designers of this fabulous Fashion Metamorphosis fashion show. Love the looks, love the designers.

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