Phew! What a week! And it’s Friday again! Anyway, based on the WordPress stats, it’s very clear to me that a great deal of fafafoom readers want to see this post coming :) Well, I hope I don’t disappoint.

111 Minna Gallery is quite a cool place to have an intimate fashion show in, although I have to wonder why some of the female models walked too carefully. At this point, I’m not sure if it’s just their walking style or slippery floor. But it’s truly an eye-opener in a sense that when you do intimate settings like this, everything becomes so much closer to the audience and any flaws / greatness in the garments, the models’ attitude / walk, and all that jazz become that much more noticeable. Still, overall, this fashion show was a success and congratulations for all the designers and everybody involved in this production! And I would say something about being on time (the show started at 40 minutes late), but I’m quite a tardy person myself, so I guess we all have something to work on :)
The show started rather slow, but it built up nicely until Autie Carlisle’s (shown above) collection.

And of course, special thanks to Christian Hadidjaja for all the pictures.

The show starts with Justin Jamison’s menswear collection. I first saw Justin’s designs last year, and I’m afraid I can’t say that this collection is stronger than the one he had. I’m not digging the whole drapey, serene, monk-ish garments on the first half, and I’m not particularly in love with the black deconstructed looks on the second half either. Some of the fittings look rather odd, and even though the concept was there, the whole execution seemed unfinished. The feeling I had after seeing the collection was “cloudy”, and I was expecting cleaner, stronger structures and constructions. Perhaps it’s just my personal taste, but overall, this collection left something to be desired.

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The show REALLY starts (for me, at least) with Rachel Poulos’ womenswear collection. I saw her collection last year as well, and she’s not only beautiful, but clearly talented as well. She successfully blends vintage 60’s vibe (especially with that mod bubble dress) with modern feel. The whole styling, color palette of grey, camel, and bright reddish orange, use of the always timeless wool, and overall fit were great. If I have to pick on some things, it’s the fit of the first dress that looked kind of off on the shoulders, some of the models’ lazy walk, and the camel dress with the giant leaf-like wool stitched to the front left of the dress. What’s it for? I don’t get it. But perhaps it doesn’t matter. Nevertheless, great job, Rachel, that was a solid collection.

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Great construction skill is what Cameron Stewart has. Bold, experimental taste, too. This collection was great and kept me looking forward for the next piece, one after another. I’m not sure if the garments were easy to get in and out of (there was an extended pause after the 3rd or 4th model), but hey, the wait was worth it. Cameron does black well, and he made such creative shapes that work beautifully. And yes, I want the bags. The outfits, with the extended torso and a-bit-of-ninja-vibe pants are his signature look, and for once I don’t make that much notes. And that’s a great thing. Solid construction, great variety, clear personal view. Fabulous.

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The show climaxed with Autie Carlisle’s collection. Super congratulations to her.The first look was the best opener out of all four designers, I believe, and the rest of her garments did not lose any momentum. I’m actually rather surprised to see some people leaving after Cameron’s collection was done showing. Eh, their loss. Autie’s construction control, mix of casual knits and thicker fabrics, chain-ball-yarn-like thing (I’m not sure what those blobs are, but they work!) all give birth to these experimental, continuous shapes that define this awesome, well-fitted collection. I especially love the straight black coat with orange trim collar (gimme!). I’m honestly very happy for her and how she continues to evolve with every collection, and I’m very excited to see more from her in the future. Art well done, lady. Fabulousness!

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For those who went to the Constituent Parts, I hope you enjoyed your time there, and for the designers, congratulations! I look forward to seeing a lot more from you in the future.

Good luck and have a great weekend,

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