Highlights from “a la Shangrila” fashion show by Monique Zhang during Friends of On Lok’s 26th Annual Generations Fashion Show Luncheon on Saturday, October 18, 2014 at Empress of China, San Francisco

If you read September 2014’s article about my collaboration with Monique Zhang at her Bridal Religion studio, then you get a sense of how much I admire Monique’s talents. And at the end of the article, I mentioned about Monique’s fashion show during On Lok’s charity fashion show. Well, this article is about that. Monique presented 5 different segments as the finale runway show during Friends of On Lok’s 26th Annual Generations Fashion Show Luncheon on Saturday, October 18, 2014 at Empress of China, San Francisco.

Monique asked me two months ago whether I’d walk on her fashion show. Initially, I was flattered but wasn’t sure whether I’d be able to make it. Thankfully, it was meant to be…so I did walk to show off two Monique Zhang outfits! Can you spot me in the photos below? After several months of not touching his camera since July’s J-Pop Summit Festival, Chris was once again in action, capturing moments for all five segments of Monique Zhang’s “a la Shangrila” fashion show. The On Lok luncheon featured various kinds of entertainment, from Ling Ling Chinese Dress Designs, Feng Yang Flower Drum Dance, kids’ entertainment, a Chinese ribbon dance solo, Victor Tung Couture Designs, to Orange Caterpillar menswear designs. Monique’s fashion showcase was the final segment of the day, featuring beautiful oriental chic designs worn by women of all ages and wedding dresses for would-be-brides. Browse them all below!

Photos by Christian Hadidjaja

Kingdom Fancy Robes

Think about seeing beautiful royal ladies proudly presenting themselves for the first time outside of their palace. The outfits are flowing, majestic, elegant. For the last three looks, Monique chose to showcase a long coat and two jackets for more structured options.
[shashin type=”photo” id=”18561,18562,18563,18564,18565,18566,18567,18568,18569,18570,18571,18572″ size=”xlarge” columns=”max” order=”user” position=”center”]

Guest Models

With the MC’s help, Monique’s own clients graced the runway one by one to showcase her designs. Their looks are colorful and stunning, but what’s most important is these women looked so happy and proud wearing Monique’s designs. Gorgeous!
[shashin type=”photo” id=”18573,18574,18575,18576,18577,18578,18579,18580,18581,18582″ size=”xlarge” columns=”max” order=”user” position=”center”]

Winged Goddesses

This segment features layered looks with flowy, light scarves. Monique’s eye for styling and color coordination comes full-throttle here, with the models looked like they’re floating on the runway.
[shashin type=”photo” id=”18583,18584,18585,18586,18587″ size=”xlarge” columns=”max” order=”user” position=”center”]

Shanghai, 1940

Balancing the floating looks, this segment is all about black, white, and red colors in more structured, edgy shapes. The silk scarves and robes wrapped the strong vibe of the garments.
[shashin type=”photo” id=”18588,18589,18590,18591,18592,18593,18594,18595,18596″ size=”xlarge” columns=”max” order=”user” position=”center”]


At last, here come the brides. Five beautiful bridal looks in white (and black) with fans, topped with an appearance from the designer herself at the end of the segment.
[shashin type=”photo” id=”18597,18598,18599,18600,18601,18602,18604″ size=”xlarge” columns=”max” order=”user” position=”center”]

And there you have it! How do you like the fashion show photos? It was quite an experience being one of the models for Monique Zhang, and I believe that’s a story to be told another day, so stay tuned for my next post :) Congratulations once again for Monique and the backstage team and models for a great fashion show!

Thank you for reading; until next time,

Visionary Designer and Stylist: Monique Zhang
Stage Presentation Choreographer: Marisa Ng
Music Composition: Joshua Bernstein
Makeup and Hairstyle: Meko White, Carol (Mei Lin) Shan
Runway Photography for Fafafoom: Christian Hadidjaja

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