REVE Creative successfully showcased local fashion talents and brought together Bay Area’s creative community with VOILA International Fashion Show Installation event. Photos by Nicolas Ardelean.

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There’s no shortage of creative makers in the Bay Area. Every day, we observe, meet, interact, and collaborate with dreamers, creators, influencers, educators, documenters, enthusiasts, and more.

It is this very spirit of creative synergy that REVE Creative, led by Elena Rubtsova (pictured left) brought forth in their events, including VOILA International Fashion Show Installation.

The event was held at Hotel Sofitel San Francisco Bay (223 Twin Dolphin Drive, Redwood City, CA 94065) on Saturday, June 18, 2016. It brought together many members of local creative arts community, both well-known staples and newcomers.

As an incubator that’s open to various walks of creative lives, REVE Creative aims to develop an ever-growing network where the creatives can exchange experiences and know-hows, enhance each other’s individual creativity, skills, and talents, as well as nurture personal growth. All levels of experience are welcomed; what’s more important is the drive and willingness to learn something new as part of creative teams.

The main draw of VOILA International Fashion Show Installation was to showcase results of fashion creation – from designer’s sketch (concepts and dreams) to the runway (realities). Fashion designers, hair and makeup artists, photographers, videographers, and models collaborated by forming teams. Each of these teams were to create one look to be presented on the runway. Other supplementary materials, like photoshoot images or videos can also be incorporated into their presentation.

During the VOILA event, the 12+ teams from Russia and Bay Area presented their fashion creations. Their results were judged by local fashion professionals, and winners were chosen at the end. The second runner-up team was Team #3: Mother Nature, whereas Team #4: Kiron Kreative was the runner-up. The winner of the night was Team #12: Trompe l’oeil, whose creation was a definite head-turner. Great works!

There were also nominations for Ultimate MUA, which went to Svetlana Kliper (Team #10); Ideal Modal, which went to Kseniya Matiz (Team #2), Excellent Photographer, which went to Michelle Rivet (Team #6), Most Unique Designer, which went to Hill Tribe (Team #1), and SelfieMark app Award, which went to Team #9.
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New collections from established and emerging local designers were featured on the runway, weaved in-between segments of team presentations. They include creations from Maritza Regalado, Kitty Yeung, Natasha Makhova, Rebecca Fabrizio, Mariya Milovidova, and PORTS International Group.
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All in all, VOILA International Fashion Show was a great success in bringing the local fashion community together. It’s great seeing creative energies buzzing in one place. REVE International was really into something here; bringing the creative local fashion community closer while cultivating both established and new talents. It’s a great experience and I thank Elena for inviting me to this event. With the group’s presence in Asia, North America, and Europe, it would be thrilling to see what’s next from REVE Creative!

Thanks for reading; until next time,

For a complete list, please visit VOILA International Fashion Show Installation Facebook event page.

Photos: Nicolas Ardelean

Team #1
Fashion Designer: Hill Tribe
Photographer: Sean Sato
Model: Johnna Ward
Model: Deja Vigil
MUAH: Claire Nobles

Team #2
Fashion Designer: Altana Danzhalova
Photographer: Albina Mingaleeva
Model: Kseniya Matiz
MUAH: Oxana Skiba
Videographer: Alexandr Wegugin Tsoy

Team #3
Fashion Designer: Mhannckttar Hankchietta
Creative Director: Mhannckttar Hankchietta
Photographer: Marco Ferreira
Model: Mhannckttar Hankchietta
Photography Assistant: Ron Junior
Production: Enzo Anchietta
MUAH: Mhannckttar Hankchietta

Team #4
Fashion Designer: Sharon Peng
Photographer: Kirk Ellert
Model: Lydia Tachkov
MUAH: Sharon Peng

Team #6
Fashion Designer: Andy Duong
Fashion Designer: Megan Winter
Photographer: Michelle Rivet
Model: Ava Miranda Hadaway
MUAH: Cindy Huynh

Team #9
Fashion Designer: Girija Chawla
Photographer: Tronel’s Photography
Model: Anjali Jain
MUA: Cindy Huynh
Hair: Christine Pham

Team #10
Fashion Designer: Lena Sokolova
Photographer: Marta Kaitidis
Model: Britteney Reynolds
MUAH: Svetlana Kliper

Team #12
Fashion Designer: Yabette Swank
Photographer: Alex Matt
Model: Kelda Williams
MUAH: Marine Vaisset

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