Songzio Fall/Winter 2015 collection titled “Autumn Evening” is every bit as serious as it is bold.

Photos by Shoji Fujii / Courtesy of Totem Fashion.

South Korean designer Zio Song presented Songzio Fall/Winter 2015 collection at Espace Pierre Cardin-Salle Polyvalente, Paris on Saturday, January 24, 2015. This menswear collection extends his consistent theme of nature and highlights luxurious fabrics and bold, shiny prints accentuating sleek and beautifully constructed garments. While the color palette seems heavy and serious with black, dark green, and mahogany dominating the collection, the silhouettes of the garments give out modern freedom in classic timeless cuts.

The tailored coats are all divinely made. Whether they are fitted retro silhouettes with slim shoulders and waists or voluminous relaxed cut with wide lapels, they all look exquisite and on point. But the more fun and colorful pieces of the collection hold their own in the midst of all the handsomeness. It takes a solid, veteran designer to design and construct those shiny sweaters and outerwear adorned with textile patterns of pebbles, leaves, and chessboard and make them look effortless and natural. The cowhide, lambskin and shearling treatment as well as textures of animal skin patterns (anaconda, elephant, crocodile, ostrich, and natural leather) are used in right doses, elevating the classics to the next level.

Songzio Fall/Winter 2015 collection “Autumn Evening” is a perfectly “metropolitan chic” wardrobe for seemingly quiet men with refined taste, yet know exactly when and how to pull off shiny print ensembles for boldly understated fashion statement.

While this collection is all masculine and sleek, it is easy to see women wanting key pieces from this collection, too. I can see the likes of Tilda Swinton rocking those fur-lined coats, all the pants (cigarette or wide-legged), and the Chelsea boots to be on the cover of W magazine. But perhaps that’s why it’s such an exciting time for menswear nowadays; the lines separating East and West design aesthetics, or the ones separating genders are blurred and mixed much more than ever. The always-in classic silhouettes are balanced with the progressive and contemporary. It is very exciting as it becomes increasingly difficult for me to see a menswear collection and not want any looks for myself. And with a collection as solid as Songzio Fall/Winter 2015, it doesn’t look like my vain struggle will become any easier. I love it.

Photos by Shoji Fujii / Courtesy of Totem Fashion.
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Photos by Shoji Fujii / Courtesy of Totem Fashion.

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