Tony Ward Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2015 collection showcases gorgeous, sensuous evening gowns that are quietly dramatic in their intricate details.

On January 27, 2015 at Mairie (4ème), Paris, Lebanon based designer Tony Ward presented his Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2015 collection. It’s inspired by Gothic architecture and materializes in gorgeous, elegant, and sensuous feminine looks, most of them evening gowns. For those who are unfamiliar with Mr. Ward, he studied at L’Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de La Couture Française and had worked Gianfranco Ferré at Christian Dior Couture, then with Karl Lagerfeld at Chloé and with Claude Montana at Lanvin for 7 years in Paris.

There’s no question that Tony Ward Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2015 collection is so alluring; intricate details on sometimes revealing zibeline, printed gazar, embroidered crinoline and lace fabrics are shaped so fluidly to accentuate a female’s body. The soft pink, silver, and blue are balanced with black, white, and antique gold. These alone are already so gorgeous, however the element that takes them to the next level are the use of ornamental silk wires. They create subtle 3D effects not unlike how the light shines through a majestic church’s stained glass windows. My favorite is that red strapless gown. Divine, I tell you. DIVINE.

Moreover, the Gothic influences on this beautiful collection are clearly presented – the rose details, symmetrical patterns, vines-like details, and fabrics matching, they are all on point. And to tie all these gorgeous gowns together is the finale white Gothic wedding dress. Exquisite.

Photos Courtesy of Totem Fashion.
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Photos Courtesy of Totem Fashion.

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