Jaehwan Lee made his Paris Fashion Week debut by presenting his Vassilly Spring/Summer 2016 collection on Friday, October 2 at Espace Commines, 17 rue Commines, 75003 Paris. Photos: Courtesy of Totem Fashion.

What a solid Paris Fashion Week debut for Jaehwan Lee! The Seoul-based designer presented his Vassilly Spring/Summer 2016 “Classicism” collection, which is full with elegant yet subtly sexy outfits in mostly white palette with black accents. The silhouettes are defined, the textural and pattern layering looks clean, and I especially love how the subtle peek-a-boo sexiness happens mostly at the back of the garments.

A little background information about Lee: after he graduated from Seoul’s Emsod, he trained at Studio Bercot Paris. He worked with Paco Rabanne, Hermès and Yazbukey in the past, and he was a finalist at “Le grand prix de la création de Paris” in 2008. He founded Vassilly, a fashion label that “obeys the concept of illusion, always on the thread of the stitching, the signature of a timeless silhouette.”

For Vassilly Spring/Summer 2016 collection, Lee aims to create a contrast between past and future. The geometric lines, lace, chiffon, and 3D mesh volumes create visuals that are both structured and fuzzy.

It’s a rare treat to see each Vassilly Spring/Summer 2016 garments from three angles: front, front – closer, and back. That way we can appreciate this modern and elegant pieces in their entirety. It’s like a quick fashion therapy for the eyes!

Photos: Courtesy of Totem Fashion.

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Photos: Courtesy of Totem Fashion.

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