h. Naoto’s fashion show at J-Pop Summit Festival last year remains one of my most favorite fashion shows of all time. On its sophomore year, h. Naoto brought out two of its many brands, GRAMM and FRILL. It’s clear that love and admiration for all things h. Naoto are high for the fans, so it’s no surprise that anticipation for GRAMM and FRILL fashion show this year is high.

Last Saturday, August 25, GRAMM and FRILL are showcased on an outdoor runway at Pagoda Plaza in front of a diverse crowd: adoring fans / fashionistas, Japan fashion enthusiasts, curious passersby, and don’t-get-it-but-can’t-stop-looking viewers :)

GRAMM’s style is dark; a “mori garu” that embodies forest girls in fairy tales (don’t ask). In contrast, FRILL is lighter, more etherial, and dreamy. These two styles weaved around and complement each other in GRAMM and FRILL fashion show that delightfully features diverse model looks. These personalized looks successfully bring forth the essence of Harajuku fashion style, which prizes individual expressions.

The garments themselves are as expected from h. Naoto brands: high quality with the utmost attention to detail giving birth to gorgeous outfits. It’s very easy for these garments to “wear” the wearers, but fortunately these girls can handle what they wear (congratulations!).

Some people who watch the GRAMM and FRILL fashion show cannot get pass the (mostly) non-smiling models and “depressing” music, but those who focus their attention to the garments know immediately that it is great fashion they are seeing. I probably prefer enjoying the fashion show indoor so we can see more garment details, but the attention GRAMM and FRILL get from outdoor fashion show is no doubt very refreshing to experience.

See all of the GRAMM and FRILL fashion show looks by clicking on the image below. Click it once so the whole photo album will expand. Thank you as always to Christian Hadidjaja for gorgeous pictures!

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Once a h. Naoto fan, always a h. Naoto fan,

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