From what I’ve seen so far, h. Naoto’s fashion show is one of the most exciting fashion shows in the city. Amazing Japanese avant-garde designer with humble attitude, meticulously made and styled outfits….it was truly a thrilling experience watching 12 looks that were presented at New People’s Frog Gallery on Saturday, August 27, 2011.

This fashion show is not like standard walking-down-the-catwalk-and-dissapear-backstage kind of thing, but Naoto Hirooka himself (and his intepreter, who’s going to be the store manager for h. Naoto’s 1st ever US / San Francisco flagship store in New People building on October 2011 – yay!) took the time to explain each looks. His inspirations, the feel he wants the look to evoke with the garment, styling details, and so on.

I’m very excited for h. Naoto store to open on October :) , but for now let’s admire these looks and what Naoto-san says about them, shall we?

The first look is a white lolita dress.
Super frilly and very cute (kawaii) and is design to project a “bunny image”. The furry bunny bag and necklace are such nice details! However, underneath all the frill and cuteness, this dress exudes a mysterious aura (cool, eh?). The garment color (tinged with green) is color specific to h. Naoto’s Fall 2011 collection.

[shashin type=”photo” id=”895,896,897,898,899″ size=”small” columns=”max” order=”user” position=”center”]

A black dress with a white cropped cape comes next.
According to h. Naoto, this is a classic lolita outfit that’s interpreted from day dress design from France circa 1900s. This new type of lolita dress is not too tight around the waist.

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Next is the black jacket with train tiered skirt (one of Musank’s favs!)
This “train dress” is a new type in h. Naoto collection. It evokes a strong goth lolita feel. Also, the above-the-knee stockings are made to resemble “wrapped belt” look. Gorgeous!

[shashin type=”photo” id=”905,906,907,908,909″ size=”small” columns=”max” order=”user” position=”center”]

Black “one-piece” look is next.
Naoto-san points out that the vest is particularly easy to pair with anything in your wardrobe (and I believe him :) ). The special detail on the long-sleeve T-shirt is the triangular fabric that has a hole to slip each of your wrist and middle finger in.

[shashin type=”photo” id=”910,911,912″ size=”small” columns=”max” order=”user” position=”center”]

Black gothic dress with white scarf
This outfit is dark and really gothic and evokes that “mori garu” (forest girl) feel.
Once again, this outfit emphasizes on new shape for lolita that is loose on the waist – super popular in Japan.

[shashin type=”photo” id=”914,913,916,915″ size=”small” columns=”max” order=”user” position=”center”]

Long white punk cape
A punk-based style, this look is influence by the popular manga “Akira”. The inside lining of the cape is especially badass!
And those heels, oh my gosh.

[shashin type=”photo” id=”917,918,919,936″ size=”small” columns=”max” order=”user” position=”center”]

Purple Striped long-sleeve knit shirt
“Kawaii punk” (cute punk) feel. Naoto-san likens wearing this uber long-sleeve shirt with wearing your dad’s shirt (if your dad is super cool like that, why not borrow his shirt, right?). This is balanced with a cuter short, fitted trousers.
He also points out that the accessories for this piece can be versatile; hard punk, Harajuku-style cuteness, or no accessory at all if you’d like.

[shashin type=”photo” id=”920,921,922″ size=”small” columns=”max” order=”user” position=”center”]

Ninja punk outfit (Musank’s favorite!)
This uber awesome ninja punk look is just…..AWESOME! The muffler can be worn as a scarf, a mask, or both. The outfit is still sexy with the layered top and open-shoulder, but at the core of things, it’s still a punk ninja. As Naoto-san said at the end of his explanation of this outfit “…demo, NINJA desu.” (…but, it’s NINJA.) :)

[shashin type=”photo” id=”923,924,925,926″ size=”small” columns=”max” order=”user” position=”center”]

Guillotine style black outfit
This wholesomely fashion-forward badass outfit is constructed from a backside angel wing graphic top with a stole, an illusion skirt (hmm, I should make one of those these days), and rider’s jacket that has diagonal zipper across the throat. Yes, I want that jacket. Please. Unbelievable.

[shashin type=”photo” id=”927,928,929,930″ size=”small” columns=”max” order=”user” position=”center”]

Black halter top with lace cardigan, a black suit with laced-up trousers
The first outfit represents easy elegance in gothic look. It’s made of stretch fabric for comfort.
On the other hand, the latter outfit is a vampire gothic look. The coat size is adjustable at the back, and similarly, the trousers are also adjustable by fitting the laces.

[shashin type=”photo” id=”931,932,933″ size=”small” columns=”max” order=”user” position=”center”]

Triangular dress with black hat
h. Naoto explains that this is a new type of bondage style. The gothic turban is actually a hat (now I want that hat!). The hat proportion is convenient so you can style it however you like.

[shashin type=”photo” id=”934,935,937″ size=”small” columns=”max” order=”user” position=”center”]

So that’s all! Very exciting fashion show. I wish more fashion shows are like this :)
If you want to see the fashion show again in continuous manner, here you go:
[shashin type=”album” id=”46″ size=”medium” crop=”n” columns=”max” caption=”y” order=”date” position=”center”]

Hope you enjoy it and have a great Labor Day weekend,

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