Interviewing Ayumi Seto is definitely one of J-Pop Summit 2015 highlights. It’s truly awesome we got to do catch-up one year after our first interview and learn more about her Aymmy in the batty girls brand, personal style, and future projects. Photos by Christian Hadidjaja.

Coming to J-Pop Summit 2015, I was really excited knowing that we secured a interview with Ayumi Seto, Harajuku supermodel as well as designer of “Aymmy in the batty girls” label. We got to first interview Ayumi in 2014, along with Misa Kimura and Una. Very driven and smart, she continues to become an inspiration not only for people admiring her personal style, but also her passion in starting her own fashion label.

It’s with great happiness that we got to do a follow-up interview with Ayumi Seto during J-Pop Summit 2015! Read more to know about how both her and Aymmy brand progresses and its future collections, what she thinks about American fashion, how she distances herself from “kids rock” style, what’s next on her plate, and when she wants to get married!
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Ayumi Seto Interview

Fafafoom: How do you think you have progressed as a fashion icon and designer for the past year?
Ayumi Seto: Last year was the third time I came to San Francisco for J-Pop Summit. During that time, I unveiled my Spring/Summer collection – I was nervous as I just started to learn about the business and to fully embrace being a designer. It was a wonderful and amazing experience. Now, I’m more relaxed and do things more naturally now that we have completed a full-year cycle.

Fafafoom: What’s your proudest moment so far?
Ayumi Seto: I opened a store in Japan for Aymmy in the batty girls. I have my own staff and everything, so I’m really proud of that.
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Fafafoom: Last time we talked, one of the goals you have for “Aymmy in the batty girls” is to have your understanding of US culture being accepted as real American culture. Now, a year later, do you feel that Aymmy is making progress toward that vision?
Ayumi Seto: Yes, of course! The brand’s theme is always about American culture from one collection to the next. The current summer collection is about American motels and Route 66. For Fall 2015 collection, the theme is about Ghost World. It’s about a couple of teenagers that live in Los Angeles. For Winter 2015 collection, it’s about them going to New York.
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Fafafoom: Ayumi-san, you have been a Harajuku fashion icon, a fashion designer, and an avid traveler, especially to the United States. Is there something you see about America fashion that you wish Japan also has? And how about the vice versa?
Ayumi Seto: American women are more outgoing with their fashion; they are more sexy when dressing up. On the other hand, the Japanese women are a lot more shy in their approach. For example, they are worried about showing their legs or wearing their clothes in a certain way. In America, people wear their clothes as they like. I wish Japan fashion can incorporate that kind of mentality more.

Fafafoom: And how about the vice versa?
Ayumi Seto: Japanese women are much more small detail-oriented when they’re dressing up. Everything about their outfits are thought of; from jewelry and accessories like rings or earrings, to how they want to make themselves look a certain way or make their legs longer depending on the look they commit to. Just for a little bit, I wish American people do more of that.
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Fafafoom: What’s your favorite piece from the upcoming Fall 2015 “Ghost World” collection?
Ayumi Seto: In the movie, one of the girls was wearing a green plaid skirt. I got inspired and made a set of green plaid jacket and skirt for the fall collection. I really like that.

Fafafoom: With the mindset of detail-oriented styling you mentioned before, how would you personally style those pieces into a complete outfit?
Ayumi Seto: The skirt and jacket are quite fitted, so I would wear it with a T-shirt underneath and Converse shoes. I’d make a more balanced proportion with a casual feel.
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Fafafoom: You are known as the pioneer of “kids rock” style. Are there other styles that you’d like to try?
Ayumi Seto: Ah, even though “kids rock” style is what my style was labeled as last year, it’s not something I ever aspired to be. Now it’s more about whatever I like and want to wear. It’s not kids-like or rock-like. It’s not that I’m ‘graduating’ from kids rock either, but my personal style is about what I’d like to wear, and it’s becoming less and less of kids rock.
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Fafafoom: Would you share any future projects that you’re excited about?
Ayumi Seto: Hmm…before I came to San Francisco, I went to Los Angeles last week. I really love it there, so I told my boss, “I want to live and work here.” I’m really passionate about it; it’s my dream to be able to open a sister store in Melrose. I’d like to bring pieces from Harajuku to Melrose, and vice versa (like an exchange program!)

Fafafoom: Looking ahead, what would you like to have achieved when you’re 25?
Ayumi Seto: I’m 22 now, so that’s three years in the future, right? Hmm…I want to get married. But, I want to study in L.A. and learn more English.
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After that illuminating interview, of course we need to do our mini photoshoot session with her. When Chris took more pictures of her, I just realized that her hair keeps getting shorter every time I see her! She looks really cute with her black hair and colorful bands.

Her outfit that day consisted of Levi’s jacket, k3 x Dickies pants (love them!), Aymmy in the batty girls raglan T-shirt, and black/white Converse shoes.
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Aymmy in the batty girls Fashion Show

As part of the MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON Festival, Ayumi led the Aymmy in the batty girls Spring/Summer 2015 fashion show. It featured singer Anna Yano and girl idol group Musubizm – in order of appearance: Misa Kimura, Rurika Miyajima, Mai Imai, Nami Yamada, and Eru Shiina – before Ayumi herself took the stage. Ah, the Motel Girl look is so cute!
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Aymmy in the batty girls booth

During the 2-day festival, somehow we crossed path several times, resulting in more chances to do little chit-chats and photo ops at Aymmy in the batty girls booth. She’s definitely more relaxed now; enjoying her time and gaining more confidence in her strides. I’m just grateful we got to see each other again, do a follow-up interview, see her collection, and passed her several times during the J-Pop Summit 2015!
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We love you Ayumi, and we wish you all the best! Special thanks to Erik Jansen for scheduling our interview with Ayumi Seto.

Thanks for reading; until next time,

Fafafoom team for J-Pop Summit 2015:
Interviewer & Editor: Mira Musank
Photographer: Christian Hadidjaja
Translator: Kuni Natsuki

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