My EuroTrip is over. And two years from now, I still remember how special the trip was. Even though there are some things that are hard to get over with. It was my first ever EuroTrip, and I surely, sincerely wish it’s not my last. The world is so rich that it’s so easy to forget about it once you settle into your daily routines. God, I wish I’ll never forget to travel from time to time. Because it’s so damn amazing, so rewarding, so rich with experience and goes way, way beyond tourist trips. Good for us who are able to travel around the world, observe and learn things beyond their bubbles. What a privilege to be able to have adventures.

That being said, I left a part of myself in Paris, France. People outside of the university were not the kindest, but the city is just too romantic and beautiful for words. And observing, wandering around Paris is something I’d sorely miss.

Perhaps these pictures can give a glimpse of Paris memories fleeting:

[shashin type=”album” id=”163,165,166,167″ size=”medium” crop=”n” columns=”max” caption=”y” order=”date” position=”center”]

I love you Paris, but I hate you too,

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