When I first saw this reconstructed long-sleeve shirt project on Tomoko Nakamichi Pattern Magic Vol. 3, I thought I can bring new life to that ill-fitting grey long-sleeve shirt that I almost gave away to Goodwill. So I dug it out from my charity pile and a week later, this casual piece is born.

Out of all three pieces, this took me the longest since the fitting is rather…..interesting. Basically, you cut out the right arm of the long sleeve shirt and make it the place you slip your head in (yes, that’s right). From there, mark the place in the right seam where you need to make a hole for your right arm and make that right arm hole. Adjust the rest of the side seams and this shirt is born. Easy? Not for me.

For starters, it took me several fittings to mark the place to make the new right arm hole. Then I have to adjust the hole on the left shoulder (it was originally the place you slip your head in), decided that the left arm needs zipper to make it stand out more, and then I have to fix the neck line since the one outlined in the book doesn’t sit well with the fabric.

Pattern Magic one sleeve topPattern Magic one sleeve top

Of course, this finished garment is far from perfect. But I really enjoy making it and I’ll have fun wearing it as well :) I’ll wear it with sheer sleeveless black top underneath it or solid-colored tank top. Skinny jeans work best, I think, with high heels. A fedora hat or beanies can complete the look, as well as one arm warmer for the right arm. I can’t wait.

Have you ever reconstructed your shirt?

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