I love wearing ties. When I wear a tie normally, it gives a special edge of confidence and invincibility that stay with me throughout the day. I love it.

But then I saw Koko Yamase’s suggestion of wearing a tie on Cut-Up Couture: Edgy Upcycled Garments to Sew book. Needless to say, I was excited. There’s some playful yet stylish vibe coming off from this sweater. You can wear it edgy with some black jegging and motorcycle boots, or schoolgirl girly with circle skirt, socks, and oxford shoes or mary-janes.

This is actually a reconstructed sweater (I got this XXL men’s sweater and yellow Armani tie at Community Thrift Store in Valencia St.). And actually, it really is pretty easy to make. This project is from Koko Yamase’s Kakkoii Couture Remake book, page 79 and 85.

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What I did is just shorten the sleeves for the sweater in the beginning. Then I take the tie and literally cut it off in the middle. Then mark the two points on the sweater’s right and left shoulders’ stitch lines where I want the tie to “appear” from.

When you have those two points (wear the sweater and check the points in front of the mirror one more time to make sure), sew the two parts of the tie on their respective point along the stitch line. Make sure it’s secure and you’re done.

Contrasting colors work great, and I love to see the yellow pops up, hugging the grey. A bonus point is that since it’s a finely knitted wool sweater, it is breezy enough to wear until early spring. Definitely one of my favorite pieces right now.

Try it out,

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