When we traveled to Peru last year, we bought this gorgeous Peruvian striped textile. It’s very pretty and well-made, not to mention it’s pretty warm so I can use it as a blanket. However, I think it’s a bit too pretty to just be used inside the house. What if I can wear this “blanket” outside?

Well, apparently I have the perfect excuse. I like going to San Francisco outdoor concerts during summer, however San Francisco summer are often unpredictable and cold. So usually I go out looking ready for summer, but after sitting on the picnic mat for a while, I start to shiver and run my hands up and down my legs. Jeans, shorts, lightweight skirts or dresses are cute, but they are of no help whatsoever once it starts to get windy.

That’s why I made this DIY maxi skirt with elastic waist. I can either wear this as a bottom, or I can layer it on top of the jeans / shorts / dress when it gets windy or cold. If it gets even colder, I can pull it up so it’s also covering my torso. Pretty good preparation, right? Now if only I can get rid of this spring allergies, all would be right in the world.

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This DIY is very straightforward. I cut a little bit of width off of the Peruvian textile so that it’s only about 3 inches more than my waist circumference. The maxi skirt has a slit for easy walking. The waist is done with three rows of 3/8″ elastics.

I chose to put a knit lining on the top half of the skirt, just so the elastic casings are not entirely dependent on the Peruvian textile. While the fabric is pretty, it’s not that strong. Having a separate fabric as lining makes sure the casings are strong and the Peruvian textile is properly reinforced.

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And here I am wearing the skirt! I really like the result, and I can choose to showcase the slit whichever way I want: back, side, front, or anywhere in between!

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This maxi skirt is so comfortable; I’m looking forward to show off this gorgeous peruvian striped textile soon! Do you like this maxi skirt?

Thank you, until next time,

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