So what happened last weekend? Let’s see…I finished Wu, Wei, and Jin story line on Dynasty Warriors 7, had a BBQ party at a friend’s house, and finished this graduation gift for the lovely Evelyn (yes girl, it’s for you!).

So here’s my latest DIY project, a polkadot headband with a detachable, matching flower hair clip. On the above picture, I was “test driving” it and wore it as a accessory on my floppy hat (btw, a floppy hat is one MUST HAVE accessory for this super hot summer days).

Thank you Jeremy’s at Berkeley for the overall inspiration, DIY sites such as Craft SnobLove Maegan, and ….one more website whose tutorial I actually used to make the flower (I can’t seem to find it after tried looking for an hour!) for the detailed instructions and for making me want to make A LOT more hair accessories =D

Evelyn, next time I meet you, I’ll give this to you. It’s already wrapped and ready to meet its new owner :)


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