So what happened last weekend? Let’s see…I finished Wu, Wei, and Jin story line on Dynasty Warriors 7, had a BBQ party at a friend’s house, and finished this graduation gift for the lovely Evelyn (yes girl, it’s for you!).

So here’s my latest DIY project, a polkadot headband with a detachable, matching flower hair clip. On the above picture, I was “test driving” it and wore it as a accessory on my floppy hat (btw, a floppy hat is one MUST HAVE accessory for this super hot summer days).

Thank you Jeremy’s at Berkeley for the overall inspiration, DIY sites such as Craft Snob,¬†Love Maegan, and ….one more website whose tutorial I actually used to make the flower (I can’t seem to find it after tried looking for an hour!) for the detailed instructions and for making me want to make A LOT more hair accessories =D

Evelyn, next time I meet you, I’ll give this to you. It’s already wrapped and ready to meet its new owner :)