Looking from the responses I got from my San Francisco civil wedding outfit and seeing summer flower accessories posts like this, it’s clear that summer wedding spirit is in the air! But one thing that I didn’t mention was that I actually contemplated on making my own wedding headpiece. (Of course, this was before I found that polka dot fascinator headband from L.A.) At that time, I was determined to make my own tulle puff hair accessory.

When I was looking around the web, I came across this french pouf DIY from love Maegan. Now, those who love DIY cannot not know LoveMaegan.com. She’s super creative and one of the main reasons I started doing DIY projects.

So using instructions on her post, I made one from leftover white chiffon fabric (that I dyed to nude color using boiled tea bags) and off-white tulle fabric. It was about 3 inches in diameter, super easy to do (and fast, too!). And like Meagan, I put a safety pin at the back instead of a pin, so I can use it not just as a hair accessory, but also a bag accessory, a belt pin, or a general “beautify-ing” go-to accessory. The nude color is neutral and classic, and it could easily match any outfit.

[shashin type=”photo” id=”3953″ size=”medium” columns=”max” order=”user” position=”center”]

But then shortly after completing that DIY project, I came across that polka dot fascinator headband and fell in love. So. Original plan scrapped.

Nevertheless, I really love that tulle puff hair pin / accessory. One day, I had an itch to make another one, only bigger. This time, I experimented with Rit dye to make it violet. Below was the dying process in the sink, plus the picture of the puff drying in a small plastic bowl:

[shashin type=”photo” id=”4036,4037,4038″ size=”medium” columns=”max” order=”user” position=”center”]

That one ended to be 7 inches in diameter, and I mostly use it as a pin on my blazer’s lapel. Yup, it’s pretty in-your-face and obnoxious, but I love it. Pairing this violet tulle puff with my striped tank top underneath my pinstripe dove grey blazer, with black cigarette pants and red kitten heels was great :) See the size difference between the nude and violet puffs below:

[shashin type=”photo” id=”3952,3954″ size=”medium” columns=”max” order=”user” position=”center”]

I really love these two. They’re subdued sexy and fun. And best of all, their use is not limited to summer!

Have a happy summer, everyone,

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