Azalea has always been one of my shop destinations whenever I’m visiting SF’s Hayes neighborhood. The clothes are chic, the people are nice, the store is organized and always a pleasure to roam around at, and my boyfriend’s always finding some pieces he loves (whether he ends up buying it or not, that’s a different story).

Through Daily Candy (if you haven’t subscribed, you should), I found out about this: Azalea Boutique | BARLOW TRUNK SHOW | 7/24 2-5pm. Sadly, I couldn’t come since it’s my moving-to-new-apartment-unit day. Hmph. But perhaps you have some time to check this trunk show out as well as enjoy the fabulousness of Azalea and its neighborhood.

Oh, did I mention Gimme Shoes is located near there too? 416 Hayes St.

Don’t you forget,

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