Before coming to this very special “Balenciaga and Spain” exhibition at de Young museum last weekend, I wasn’t a really big fan of Cristóbal Balenciaga.

My knowledge of Balenciaga house is limited to the uber popular Balenciaga motorcycle bag (read this if you want to know if yours is fake or not) and my dislike to its strong suits.

But after marveling at some of the finest works of the “fashion’s picasso” himself, I feel very humbled and inspired. That someone who comes from a humble beginning was able to achieve greatness and was referred to by the finest fashion houses in the world, is very inspiring. And his creations are just breath taking. It’s super fashionable then (when his regular clients were  fishermen’s wifes), and it’s certainly super fashionable now.

Now, I see Balenciaga brand as one of Spain’s finest inventions (and I sincerely think Nicholas Ghesquière has been doing awesome in carrying Balenciaga flag, as displayed in his Balenciaga RTW Fall 2011). And Cristóbal Balenciaga? He’s a fashion genius that truly piques my interest. And just looking at his works, I want to be MUCH better at sewing and designing clothes and accessories.
Now, if I can have more time for myself to pursue those hobbies :)

My next museum visit? Definitely Pulp Fashion at Legion of Honor. More inspiration awaits…

Have a great day everyone,

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