Update: The Constituent Parts fashion show review is up!

I’m very excited to be coming to Constituent Parts / Independent Fashion Show this Thursday, April 28, 2011. Four of Art Institute of California – San Francicso fashion designers are breaking out from the pack and holding their own show: Autie Carlisle, Cameron Stewart, Justin Jamison, and Rachel Poulos.

When I reached out to the designers last week about their inspiration and goal for this event, Autie was really kind in representing all the designers by emailing me her response:

“Our inspiration for putting on this show was that we all have had part in other organizations and their fashion shows. Which is great, and has been, and will probably continue to be, helpful to us as it is alot less work for us individually, however, we felt it was time for us to present our own work the way we think it should be. We are all appreciating the ability to be quintessentially us in the music we choose, the hair/makeup, the style of walking, the venue, etc and that way we feel we are presenting a “collection” vs. being involved in a school show or the like. 

Our aim is to have press there, of course, as we are new to entering the fashion industry we hope there could even be some potential job seekers out there. However, it is important to note that none of us are going into production with our lines yet, so these are all one offs and not meant for retail or buyers per say. The other side to this publication, and this may be more of a personal Autie side, is that we’ve all lived in the Bay Area for some time, and have been able to nurture our fashion dreams here, so to me, its a sort of giving back tot he art community. I feel that we’ve worked hard on learning our crafts (which will always continue!) and we’ve earned the right to say or give something back aesthetically and entertainment wise. So within that, alot of the people there will no doubt be friends, and family. “

I think it’s remarkable what these four are doing here. These four are VERY talented and I wish them the best of luck in bringing out San Francisco more in the fashion scene. And of course I’ll be covering the fashion show and will post my pictures and review soon after!

Are you coming this Thursday?

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